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Most Awesome Gowns of 2013

Grab a comfortable seat and get ready to enjoy our special list of the most awesome gowns of 2013! Ready? Let the magic begin!

Jessica Chastain’s gown at 66th Annual Cannes Festival

When the actress walked the red carpet left everyone speechless with her fancy Givenchy Couture gown. A majestic dress with sparkly detailed designs in a color that perfectly worked with her gorgeous hair color!

Rihanna‘s look at the Grammys

Ah, this delicate red dress was the best choice for Rihanna as it helped to create a breath-taking look by perfectly flattering the perfect silhouette of our beloved singer.

Marion Cotillard’s Christian Dior Couture Gown

It’s not only the color that makes this fab gown hit the top charts but also the interesting design of it that creates the design of a two piece outfit.

Katy Perry in Gucci

Well, Katy Perry is a star that knows exactly what to wear to impress and this head-turning gown signed by Gucci isn’t an exception.

Ciara’s Givenchy Couture Gown

Absolutely perfect! This gown can actually be considered as the best of the best!

Miley Cyrus’s Fancy Gown Worn at Night of Stars

The color, the sparkly effect, the form, every single in this dress is a result of a perfect work! Also, we could not pass by without mentioning that we simply loved the idea of not accessorizing it at all.

Taylor Swift in Dolce & Gabbana

Ok, we love the way this luxurious gown looks in a complete harmony with the entire look of our beloved celeb without looking overwhelming at all!

Cara Delevigne’s Gown Signed by Burberry

The classy black color and the breath-taking V-cut, could there be any better combination that this one?

Jennifer Lawrence’s Christian Dior Gown

Although it was the reason for Jennifer to fall when walking up the stairs to get her Oscar, still we think that this fabulous gown signed by Dior actually deserved the torture.

Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors

A bolder approach of the classy black dress was the one worn by Miranda Kerr and we have to admit it, it looked gorgeous on her!

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