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How to Hide Wide Hips with Clothing

It’s a bit difficult to hide wide hips, if you can’t choose the right clothing. These tips will help you save time while going shopping, as you already know what kind of outfits to purchase.

Find out the most essential tips on how to hide wide hips with clothing. Consider that you don’t need to purchase oversized clothes in order to hide your wide hips.

Make Your Upper Part of Body Outstanding

To have an hourglass figure is to make the upper part of your body outstanding. In case of wide hips, you should make your shoulders become emphasized. You may opt for a blouse with a V-shape neck and wear a bulky necklace or a nice scarf in a bright tone. In case your shoulders are narrow, pads will greatly help you.

Choose the Right Color

The right color of outfit will help you hide your wide hips. Wear pants or skirts in dark shades and pair them with lighter blouses. It’s not obligatory to go for the black tone in order to look slim, you may also choose such great hues as taupe, deep grey and deep blue.

Wear the Right Materials

Opting for the right materials is another tip to hide your wide hips. Stay away from billowy materials and go for subtle linen. Clothes made of light wool may also hide your wide hips. Don’t wear outfits which have big prints on them. Consider also that horizontal stripes also make your hips look wider.

Layer in the Right Way

Highlighting your waist with a belt is another tip to hide your wide hips. You may also pull off two various tops, which will hide your wide hips. Create a floating touch, wearing outfits made of soft materials.

Pull off Correct Tops

It’s proved that highlighting your waist will not widen your hips. Instead, you will get an hourglass body form. Pulling off a loose top, which doesn’t flatter your waist, makes your hips look wider. You are advised to wear shirts with buttons, which are short and make your waist stand out.

Choose Dressed with Belts

Choosing a dress, which is embellished with a belt will create a amazing body form, hiding your wide hips. You may opt for either thin or wide types of belts. However, you should choose the right length for your outfit. Knee-length dresses are the best friends for your wide hips.

Skirts with High Waists

In case you don’t want to have highlighted hips, avoid wearing low-rise jeans. Pulling off skirts with high waists is the best trick to hide your wide hips. Chose a close fitting top and put it under your skirt for a gorgeous look.

Wear Pants with Wide Legs

Avoid wearing loose outfits, as they won’t hide your hips. Instead, try pants with wide legs, as they are fantastic for your wide hips. If you choose pants in a dark tone and match it with a pretty top in a light shade, your gorgeous look will be achieved.

Pull off Right Types of Jackets

While purchasing a jacket, opt for the waist-length one. The jacket should closely fit your waist, as in this way your wide hips will be less noticed. Choose dark-toned jackets and without any extra prints and patterns.

Choose the Right Shoes

Shoes may completely change your figure form. If you wear flats, you will highlight your wide hips and shorten your legs. High-heeled shoes may really hide your wide hips. To make your figure longer, you may wear shoes with pointed toes.

Choose proper clothes to hide your wide hips. The mentioned above tips will help your wide hip look slimmer.

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