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Fashion Don’t To Do For a Unique Look

Yes, there are some fashion don’ts that not only you are allowed to try but you might be required to go for if you want to create a unique, runway look! Interested to find them out? Well, follow reading below and see what are the fashion don’t that you are actually allowed to try!

Socks and Heels

Before you rush to make any conclusion please take your time and explore all the interesting approaches of the unique combination of socks and heels! Being a unique styling idea this fashion trend comes to add playful vibe to the entire look of yours! In fact for better results we suggest you to go for two contrasting colors when pairing socks with heels.

Now, it is important to mention that famous fashion labels such as Ralph Lauren, Saint Lauren also suggest few interesting ways to rock the famous fashion don’t which is another respectful reason for you to try it!

Thus, Ralph Lauren suggests creating preppy style by combining a pair of bright knitted socks with trendy platforms while Saint Laurent on the other side offers a more modern chic approach for you to try. Now, for those of you who are looking for more daring alternatives of this exciting fashion don’t we suggest a breath-taking combo of eye-catching yellow thigh-high socks with gorgeous, bright pink leopard print pumps just as the one shown off by Beauty Johnson at Fall 2014 runway show! Inspiring, isn’t it?

Another interesting way to rock this style is to create the effect of wearing boots by combining fab knee-high knit socks with a pair of stylish lace-up pointed toe heels and create a statement-making look!

Images: totalbeauty

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