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Reserved Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Campaign

The stunning Freja Beha Erichson is again shining this time on the illustrated pages of Reserved. Her wild session was taken in Scotland for Mateusz Stankiewicz. The mentioned international group was able to take attractive and original shots to advertise the new Reserved fall 2013 casual but feminine collection.

The Reserved fall/winter 2013-2014 collection emphasizes grayish colors that are very trendy in autumn.  Animal prints are an important touch to the look.

You can add fur to your accessories this fall to help you look protected and desirable, it also helps you out if you want to avoid coats but be warm and fuzzy at the same time. If you don’t want to be too boring with monotonous tints of gray you can add a pinch of red to your look. A small scarf would be just enough to make you the next wonder lady of the group. You will end up being casual, modest but eye catching.

You want to make your comfortable outfit a bit classy? No problem, there is a solution to that: just add a necklace or a bracelet that matches your blouse or your jacket, and you will be ready even for the romantic evening.

Shoes are most important to make you look carefree, and give you the right walk as a self-confident and wanted chic. Choose the right boots to find the right way in your life. It is also important if you are the business lady model.

Skinny jeans and tights remain fashionable and stylish throughout the season. They help you feel tall, fascinating and enchanting. Half leather, half fabric gives you a classy appearance, and perfectly matches the animal prints.

Almost no makeup, messy hair and a mixture of elegant and casual elements make the young beauty one of the top desirable, fashionable and outstanding ladies in the fashion field.

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