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Remembering Alexander McQueen

When it comes to the world of fashion and unique couture, the name Alexander McQueen is a legend. The British fashion designer passed away in 2010, but his works were and are still so well celebrated. He is known for having worked as a chief designer of Givenchy. He made his own label in 2001. In 2003, he was given the Designer of the Year award.

His designs are known to be edgy, eye-catching, unique, and out of this world. Those are just some of the words which can be used to describe his designs and for me, his designs are so unique, you’ll know they’re Alexander McQueen’s when you see them. Couture made by McQueen is colorful, patterned, textured and rich in details. Some may see it as overdone, but in the world of fashion, as long as you can walk the walk and be confident with what you are wearing, you can surely rock a McQueen creation.

He is known to have a liking for adding skull details which makes his works somewhat eerie if not downright dark and mysterious. One of the most memorable Alexander McQueen creations is the pair of shoes worn by Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance music video. When you look at those shoes, they look like they’re hard to wear but Mother Monster Lady Gaga seems to walk effortlessly in these shoes. McQueen heels have an out-of-this-world feel, extremely high, and not the usual high-heel shape. They have this dome-like structure which would surely add a punch to any outfit.

Alexander McQueen is well-remembered for his memorable VOSS dramatic catwalk which featured a glass box in the middle of the stage. When the glass walls shattered, the interior was revealed to have been filled with moths and at the center was a naked Michelle Olley wearing a gas mask. This was noted to have been one, if not the best, fashion theater presentations.

In February 11, 2010, Alexander McQueen was found dead by his housekeeper and paramedics pronounced the successful and famous designer dead on the spot. His pieces are still iconic and owning a piece of his creations is something that would truly set fashion lovers apart.

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