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Escada Fall 2013 Campaign

Here we present the new worth-checking Escada fall 2013 campaign! The luxury label this time comes up with fab classy options that will enrich your look and boost up your mood during cold seasons. So get ready to check out and fall in love with modern outfits with a timeless classy allure that Escada offers for this fall 2013.

Of course, no one could promote the line better than the American bombshell Kendra Spears, moreover, the campaign’s success is guaranteed from the beginning as professionals such as Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer were chosen to complete the team.
As you can see, the new Escada fall 2013 campaign puts the main focus on classy, monochrome outfits that perfectly put an emphasis on natural feminine beauty. In fact, if you are looking for some elegant, versatile pieces then this new Escada fall 2013 line is definitely something you need to explore.

As many of you have noticed already, Escada each time proves that basics can actually be eye-catching and aren’t boring at all. Anyway this doesn’t mean that the German label is restricted to outfits of a classy style as comes up with amazing options of a trendy allure too so those who are looking for modern chic outfits won’t be disappointed either. Of course, dark shades are dominating in the new Escada fall 2013 collection, which comes to prove that your intriguing trendy look is guaranteed.

Contrasting to the classy allure, in the category of accessories, the brand offers fab pieces of a modern allure, which perfectly balance the whole look! Take your time check out the new line before you start updating your wardrobe and you won’t regret it!

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