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Back to School: Refreshing the Wardrobe

Happy woman holding two dresses in her big closet

I’ve noticed that sales for school supplies and clothing are already starting to show up in stores. It seems to sneak up earlier and earlier every year. And even if you are not a student or a teacher, it’s a good opportunity to refresh your own wardrobe.

Whether that means wearing your existing clothing pieces in news ways or finding a handful of new pieces to augment your existing wardrobe, having a new look is a real morale booster. But have no fear and don’t take out that bank loan just yet. There are budget-friendly options!

Here are a few easy and relatively inexpensive ways to update your look without having to replace the entire closet:

  • Sometimes a simple statement piece can update almost anything in your closet. A bold necklace or a colorful scarf can add quite a punch to a simple button-down blouse and slacks.
  • If you normally stick to solid colors, try a pattern. Or if you tend to wear a lot of dark colors, try something bright. It does not have to be a leopard print skirt; no need to jump head-first into the pool.
  • Try a simple wide pinstripe or even a bright belt until you get more comfortable with the newness.
  • Step it up or step it down. If you wear business suits all of the time, try swapping your jacket out for a cardigan. Or if you stick with khakis and ballet flats, try grey slacks and a wedge heel.
  • Take a census of your existing wardrobe. Figure out what one or two pieces you can add to make at least six brand-new combinations. If you are shopping and come across something but it doesn’t really match at least three items you already own, keep browsing.

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