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Spring 2014 Trendy Handbags

If you opt for a right handbag, it will modernize your look for the coming season. To achieve it, you should clearly know which handbags are in trend and which have already given way. Handbags are among those accessories, which provide you with a tempting and fresh look. Discover spring 2014 trendy handbags and learn the right ways of wearing them.

Wear White Handbags

If white is your favorite color, you should hurry to purchase a white handbag, as it is trendy for spring 2014. You may find white handbags in various dimensions and shapes in such famous collections as Balenciaga, Mulberry and others. You may also opt for a handbag, which combines black and white hues.

Handbags in a Boho Style

Boho handbag is not only the trend of 2014, but it is also very big to pack all your things in it. Such great designers as Marc Jacobs and Tori Burch include boho handbags in their collections. You may opt for handbags with various prints and with double handles.



Wear Big Clutches

The big clutch is another spring 2014 trendy handbag. It appears in many colors and provides you with a feminine look. Choose stylish handbags from such collections as Nina Ricci and Fendi and wear them for spring 2014.

Embellished Clutches

If you have decided to accessorize your evening dress with a clutch, you had better choose the embellished one. You may find such clutches in the collections of Nina Ricci and Chanel and make your simple clutch look stunning and impressive.

Wear Handbags with Shoulder Straps

The designers have decided to replace the top handles with the shoulder straps for a modern touch. They may go even with large bags and look trendy for spring 2014. Get inspired by the collections of Gucci and Chloe.

Clutches from Soft Material

Here is a great alternative for big clutches. You may achieve a trendy look, wearing clutches with soft materials. It is one of the best ways of getting an edgy and festive look.

Handbags in Bold Shades

If you are tired of black and white handbags, you may opt for bold shades. Accessorize your look with trendy handbags in orange, green and red tones. Radiant Orchid may also decorate your outfits for spring 2014.


Handbags in a Bucket Form

You may see not only clutches but also handbags in soft materials. Handbags in bucket forms are the best choice for spring 2014. Get inspired by the splendid collections of Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld.


Handbags with Animal Prints

Create an exotic look, wearing animal printed handbags from the collections of such great designers as Anya Hindmarch and Dior. These types of handbags will give you a bold look for spring 2014.


Handbags with Prints

Like animal prints, handbags with various prints are among the trendy bags of spring 2014. Choose clutches or big handbags with prints and get the most stunning look for this season.

Instead of purchasing various outfits, you may have several trendy handbags in your closet and create your stylish look for spring 2014.



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