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How to Wear a Brooch

A stylish brooch can provide you with a vintage touch and can change your appearance totally. Consider the place where you are going to wear you brooch or the type of outfit. Learn the ways of wearing a brooch as an amazing hair accessory. In this post, we will help you discover the best ways of wearing a brooch.

Consider the Place of the Brooch

It is one of the most important tips, which you should consider, while seeking for the most stylish way of wearing a brooch. Not all outfits go perfectly with a brooch. If you put a brooch on a collar, it would not look great. Instead, pin it on your shirts with buttons or wear a brooch on your chic blouse. Placing the brooch on your neck is one of the fantastic ways. You had better wear it on one of the sides of your attire.

How to Wear a Brooch on Your Outerwear

You are recommended pinning a brooch on the lapel of your outerwear. Consider the size of your lapel and choose the corresponding brooch. A brooch may also be a nice accessory on your trench coat with belt. You may substitute the buckle for the brooch and wear it on one side.

How to Wear a Brooch on Your Tops

Here is a great way of wearing a brooch on your tops. To create a stylish look, you should wear a tiny brooch on the turtleneck of your shirt. If you want to pull off a blouse with buttons, you may wear a brooch on its center. Adorn your sweaters and cardigans with brooches, as well.

Your tops may also be accessorized with nice brooches. To create a chic look, you should attach the brooch on your waistline and sweep it to one side.

How to Wear a Brooch on Your Fine Clothing

It’s quite natural, if you avoid wearing a brooch on your fine clothing, as it may spoil your outfit. However, there are several tools, which will help you wear brooches on your soft garments. Replace the brooch pin with a magnet. Don’t forget to purify the both the surface and the magnet with acetone. Then use epoxy glue to pin the magnet to the brooch. Wait until the glue dries completely. Put another magnet under the delicate material. If your brooch is big, you should use two magnets and use glue to attach them to a bobby pin. In this way, you won’t cause damage to your clothing.

How to Wear a Brooch as a Hair Accessory

Brooches can be easily used as hair accessories. Brooches may adorn your bridal hairstyle or give an attractive touch to your everyday look. The pin, which is at the back part of your brooch, will make your hair accessory stay in place. You may make the hair clip invisible, covering it with some hair. Brooches will look amazing, if you wear them with a trendy updo hairstyle.

We hope you learnt how to wear a brooch and make your look even more sophisticated.

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