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12 Celebrities’ Natural Hair Color Revealed

Brooklyn Decker at Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2013, Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, CA 02-18-13

In case, you are interested whether celebrities look amazing, wearing their natural hair colors or not, you had better have a look at some of them and you will have a clear image. Here are the best celebrity natural hair colors you could never imagine in your life.

1.  Kristen Stewart’s Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Kristen Stewart is another celebrity who loves to experiment with different hair colors and styles, and this makes it difficult to guess what her natural hair color really is. 

In this case, the answer is a dirty blonde, but this is a color that Stewart has never really been very fond of. Stewart prefers bolder and more vibrant shades, whether this may be a deep brown or a platinum blonde, and these extremes do suit her so well.

2.  Leighton Meester’s Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Everybody remembers Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, with her hair, along with those signature headbands, being a key part of that character.

However, did you know that Leighton Meester, the actress who played Blair, is actually a blonde?

The actress first dyed her hair brown when auditioning for the Gossip Girl role, in order to help the show’s creators envisage whether or not Leighton was suitable for the part.

After the show came to an end, Meester kept her brunette locks, loving the sophistication that this brought to her look.

Wondering if she ever went back to blonde?

As a matter of fact, she did in 2018, for about three months. However, rather than going for her natural honey blonde color, Meester opted for the trendy platinum shade that many others were sporting.

The color looked stunning on the actress, although she has now returned back to her signature brunette shade.

3.  Brooklyn  Decker’s Auburn Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

When people first started to hear about Brooklyn Decker, the model-turned-actress featured a head of dark blonde locks.

However, her true hair color is actually more of a sun-kissed auburn, and is definitely more brown than blonde.

Decker has since returned to her roots, although she has ensured that her hair always has a tint of red in it, as this beautifully complements her coloring.

4.  Katy Perry’s Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Katy Perry’s hair has been so many colors over the years, and many fans have no idea what the singer’s natural hair color actually is.

You would probably never be able to guess, either…

Katy Perry’s natural hair color is, as the singer puts it herself, a “dishwater squirrel brown.” 

Perry has always disliked her natural shade, finding it boring in a way that didn’t suit her personality.

So, ever since the age of around 15, Perry has been experimenting with just about every hair color you could imagine.

Wondering which her favorite hair shades are?

Grunge green was a color that Perry particularly enjoyed, while the shocking blue shade she sported for quite a while was also so much fun. Plus, as Perry says, going for a bold hair color means that you do not really need much when it comes to hair accessories!

5.  Sofia Vergara’s Dirty Blonde

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Sizzling brunette Sofia Vergara has sported brown locks ever since she first appeared on television show Modern Family.

However, did you know that Vergara is actually a natural blonde?

This all changed when she first began auditioning for television shows in America. As a Latin woman, she found that she needed to play towards stereotypes a bit more, going for the brunette look that Latin women are expected to have. 

After going brunette, Vergara found that she was considered for more roles, and it was not long before she ended up playing Gloria on Modern Family.

Vergara decided to stick with her brunette locks, although she does frequently post throwback photos on her social media accounts to remind fans of what her blonde hair used to look like.

Who knows, Vergara might decide to go back to being a blonde once Modern Family is no longer filming!

6.  Emma Stone’s Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Most often seen with a head of copper hair, it would be easy to believe that Emma Stone is a natural redhead.

However, this isn’t actually true…

Emma Stone’s real hair color is blonde.

However, the actress has quite a fair skin tone, and believes that her coloring is more akin to that of a redhead than a blonde. After dyeing her hair darker for the first time in her early teens, Stone loved the results, and has stuck to darker shades ever since. 

7.  Angelina Jolie’s Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

It would be easy to believe that Angelina Jolie is a natural brunette, especially since her hair has been this color since the star was about four years old.

However, Jolie is naturally a blonde, although a dark blonde rather than a light one. This is something that she got from her father, but her mother dyed Jolie’s hair darker at the age of four, and loved how it looked.

As Jolie grew older, she agreed with this, and ended up keeping her brunette locks all the way through adulthood.

8.  Olivia Wilde’s Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Actress Olivia Wilde is known for her beautiful brunette locks, but this isn’t actually her natural hair color.

Olivia is a natural blonde, but never liked the presumptions that people would make about her because of this.

As a young girl, Wilde was extremely intelligent and grew up around the political scene of Washington.

In order to be taken seriously, she felt she had to ditch her blonde hair and go brunette instead.

Did it work?

Wilde believes that it did, and that people now treat her in the way in which she should be treated.

Did you know that Wilde also changed her last name for this reason too?

Her parents, as well as Wilde herself, wanted her to have her own identity outside of her family. After graduating from college, the actress changed her surname from Cockburn to Wilde.

9.  Lady Gaga’s Dark Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Lady Gaga is famous for her crazy hair colors and accessories, and people gave up trying to guess her natural hair color long ago.

Well, it has now been revealed…

Do you want to know what it is?

Lady Gaga’s is a natural brunette, and it is a shade of brown that many women would be proud of.

So, why does Lady Gaga keep her natural hair color hidden so much?

It all comes down to the difficult times that Lady Gaga has faced in her life. In order to properly deal with these, Gaga turned to wigs and extravagant makeup to cover up her true feelings. When she didn’t want to live life as herself, she would simply create a new persona by transforming her hair and her face, and this is what would help her to get through each day.

Did it work?

Of course it did! Gaga is such a huge success today.

In fact, she felt brave enough a few years ago during a performance in London to remove her wig in front of her audience and reveal the brunette locks beneath.

10.  Kelly Osbourne’s Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Just like with some of the other celebrities on this list, Kelly Osbourne has frequently changed up her hair color, and has never been afraid to try some of the more bold and unusual shades out there. Whether it may be neon orange or hot pink, Osbourne manages to pull off these shocking colors.

While this may be the case, Osbourne’s favorite shade has to be the pretty lilac color that she has had for quite a few years now, with this shade becoming iconic with her celebrity status. Back when Osbourne dyed her hair lavender, it was considered to be quite an outrageous thing to do, with not many people opting for dyes in shades such as that.

However, this only made Osbourne feel even more empowered.

Now, Osbourne feels as though it is time to return to her roots…

In this case, they would be blonde roots, or golden blonde to be specific.

Although Osbourne’s current blonde shade is more platinum than golden, the blonde suits her extremely well, and this may be a color that Osbourne sticks with for a while longer.

11.  Britney Spears’ Brunette Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

When Britney Spears first made it big, her blonde locks became just as famous as the singer did.

However, it would surprise many fans to know that Spears is actually a natural brunette. To be more specific, a light brunette, with her natural hair texture being slightly tousled and wavy.

It was around 1998 when Spears went full blonde, and she kept this color up for several years after that. Of course, just like every other celeb, Spears did experiment with different wigs and dyes, with everything from black to purple making an appearance. However, Spears would always return back to blonde.

While this may be the case, Spears has recently begun returning to her natural color for special occasions. The brown suits her extremely well, giving her look a fresh and sophisticated edge.

12.  Anna Paquin’s Brunette Hair Color

Celebrities Natural Hair Colors

Anna Paquin’s moment of fame began when she was cast to play Sookie on True Blood.

The character was a bubbly blonde, and although Paquin really wanted the role, she worried that, as a natural brunette, she wouldn’t be able to pull off the blonde properly.

However, after Paquin landed the role, she sat with a team of hairstylists and looked into a wide range of different colors, before picking the blonde that would perfectly highlight her features.

Paquin kept this shade throughout the filming of the show, but, in 2014, once the show was over, Paquin decided that she wanted another change.

Which shade did she go for?

Paquin decided to be brave, and dyed her hair different shades of purple, blue and turquoise. As a teenager, Paquin always wished that she could be a mermaid, and opting for these shades helped her to feel like a mermaid as an adult.

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