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Beauty Lessons from the Olsen Sisters

Olsen sisters show how amazing it is to share each other’s outfits and makeup. In this post, we have picked up the beauty lessons from Olsen sisters.

1.  Ashley Olsen’s Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are among Ashley Olsen’s favorite hairstyles, which she pulls off both on the red carpet and at outdoor activities. She creates a middle section and looks stunning. To get this fabulous hairstyle, Mark Townsend advises to plait your wet tresses and after twisting, create a bun. To get rid of your frizzy hair, you should apply conditioner.

2.  Mary-Kate Olsen’s Perfect Contouring

We are all surprised at Mary-Kate Olsen’s stylish topknots and trendy outfits and accessories. However, she managed to amaze us with her contoured cheekbones. To achieve this fantastic makeup, you will need a big brush to apply translucent powder. Consider that it should be a tone darker compared with your skin color. Then you should apply glowy highlighter.

3.  Elizabeth Olsen’s Thrilling Lashes

Elizabeth Olsen gives us another beauty lesson and recommends opting for thrilling lashes. Instead of going for faux lashes, you may just create long and curly ones. You had better apply special mascara with lengthening and texturizing mascara. Your lashes will look fuller and outstanding.

4.  Rooney Mara’s Thick Brows

Olsen sisters teach us one of their beauty classes. You may get inspired by Rooney Mara’s thick brows. Stay away from tweezers and go for a brow pencil. If you have fine brows, you had better consider this beauty secret and look trendy for this season.

5.  Kate Mara’s Bob Hairstyle

Kate decided to rock a shoulder-length bob hairstyle to refresh her look. She makes the back part of her hair shorter. This hairstyle will look great both with wavy and sleek tresses. It looks perfect for round face forms. Cut several layers and achieve a beautiful look.

6.  Zooey Deschanel’s Blunt Fringe

Zooey Deschanel’s blunt fringe is another beauty lesson from the Olsen sisters. Blunt fringe can soften your face and cover the imperfections of your forehead. If you have an oval face form, this fringe is your best choice. Heart-shaped women may also opt for this type of bang.

7.  Emily Deschanel’s Bright-Shaded Lipstick

To make your dull makeup bright, the Olsen sisters recommend going for Emily Deschanle’s lipsticks in bright tones. Opt for orange and purplish-red lipsticks, as they will flatter any face color. If your skin is fair, you had better apply pink tones. If your skin is olive, you should try bold tones. Don’t forget to provide your lips with exfoliation. Apply a little mascara and finish your pretty look.

8.  Beyonce’s Eyeliner with Wings

Drawing Beyonce’s eyeliner with wings, you will get a mysterious, sassy look. To create Beyonce’s splendid eye makeup, you should line your lash line and make the ends winged, getting a cat eye makeup.

9.  Solange Knowles’ Curly Hairstyle

Applying few products on your tresses, you will have healthy and shiny hair. Solange Knowles’ curly locks may be your inspiration. To achieve this look, you should first protect your tresses with special products and then curl them. Add texture and look alluring.

10.  Kim Kardashian’s Glowy Tresses

To look beautiful, you should have glowy makeup. Apply powder with shimmery formula on your cheeks and go for a big subtle brush to spread it. Don’t skip your nose and hairline.

11.  Khloe Kardashian’s Textured Hair

Though Khloe Kardashian’s ombre hairstyle is shocking, we are thrilled with her textured hair. For this look, you will need a texture-enhancing spray.

12.  Kourtney Kardashian’s Colorful Eyeliner

Olsen sisters give their beauty lessons and point Kourtney Kardashian’s colorful eyeliner. Instead of applying black eyeliner, you had better go for the blue one to make your eyes wider. You may also opt for the same-toned shadow and apply it on your eyelids.

Find your inspiration from the Olsen sisters’ beauty lessons and create your astounding look.

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