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10 Women’s Beauty Trends that Men Hate

Each woman has her own concept of beauty. However, sometimes our beauty ideas are for “girls only.” You know the types that make you girlfriends ohh and ahh but make your boyfriend go ugh. Sometimes us ladies fall into the trap of beauty trends du jour which may be hot but does not suit us. If you are a single gal following some of these beauty trends is even worse than for the ladies who are in a relationship. These trends may elicit a  groan or rolled eye from a boyfriend or husband but can run off a date. Women have their own innate natural beauty that amazes and allures men even without following crazy beauty trends.

If you are getting ready for a date or trying to impress that cute guy at work you should avoid the following women’s beauty trends that men hate.

1.    Caked on Foundation

If you are attempting to cover any defects or flaws on your skin you may try to apply a lot of face makeup which will create several layers. You may be successful in covering the things you were trying to hide but all those layers will provide you with an artificial look. Most guys like to know what you really look like, not what your makeup looks like. When applying your makeup, take into account that there should not be any color difference between your face and neck. If you want to accentuate your stunning beauty, you should opt for a sheer foundation and skip using much powder on your face. You may also apply concealer if the foundation coverage isn’t enough. This way your guy will see your true beauty rather than a wall of makeup.

2.     Excessive Hair Stuff

You may think you have accomplished an ideal look after using a huge amount of hair products but your guy would probably disagree. Too much hair product will result in rigid and adhesive hair. Your hair will look very done up and it will not be pleasant to touch your locks. Avoid rocking hairstyles which require applying tons of hairspray and many other hair products. To be attractive and lovely for your guy, limit the use of hair products and leave some hair loose. Go with a more easy going style that accentuates your hairs natural luster.

3.    Wrong Application of Self-Tanner

Your skin is your largest organ and consequently the part of your body that is seen most. Do not overdo your tanner. When you use self-tanners you should consider whether you have chosen the right shade. Looking orange will not entrance men, but may remind them of an Oompa Loompa. Opt for a shade that perfectly goes with your skin tone or differs just by a shade or two. There are several lotions with gradual self-tanner on the market that are easier to apply and look more natural. You are also advised to skip using tanner on your face. If you must use a small amount of tanner designed specifically for your face.  If you are really a clutz with the self-tanner but don’t want to look pale try applying bronzer. That way you can easily wash off or wipe away any excess.

4.    Too Much Fragrance

As the final touch to your pre-date beauty routine you’ll want to add a pleasant smell. You should definitely know that the excessive application of perfume is another beauty trend that men dislike. Do not spray your perfume on all over your body, as in this case the real scent of your fragrance will be lost. The best way to apply perfume so it lasts but does not overpower is to apply it to pulse points. Put perfume in these places: behind the ears, on wrists, inside your elbows, the base of your neck/cleavage area, and the backs of knees.

5.    Wrong Smoky Eyes

Though smoky eyes are always trendy, it is rather difficult to create this makeup look. It requires a lot of practice and time. It often happens that women overuse the dark shadow and consequently they spoil the natural beauty of their eyes. Before applying a dark shade on your lids, test whether the result will satisfy you or not, using a black eyeliner. Also you can make a smoky eye that is not black, another color may be better for you, choose makeup colors based on your hair color and skin tone. Do not overdo your smoky eye look which will inadvertently chase the guys away.

6.    Adhesive Lips

To make your lips look attractive, you opt for the right shade and provide them with texture. If you apply a lipstick with gloss and with a moisturizing effect, make sure not to avoid formulas which make your lips sticky. If you think your date may end (or start, or middle) with a smooch, take into consideration that your date will most likely hate this beauty trend; it is not pleasant to kiss sticky lips.

7.    Too Much Mascara

Men surely adore highlighted eyes. To achieve this look, apply lengthening and thickening mascara on your lashes. Opt for a mascara, which combines these two features otherwise, if you use more than one mascara to achieve this look you may be left with heavy eyelashes. If you are fond of artificial lashes, avoid wearing full ones. Hopefully your date is paying a lot of attention to your eyes so don’t scare him away with spidery lashes.

8.    Nails Screaming for Too Much Attention

Wearing various nail art designs is still trendy this season. Things like the addition of rhinestones, detailed and crazy designs and previously uncommon nails shapes (think long and pointy) have gained a lot of popularity. However, men usually like nails that are painted with a simple design. Its better to choose nail art designs which you have already tried before. You may opt for dark shades like burgundy or navy to draw your young mans attention to your nails but skip the funky designs when heading to a date.

9.    Bold Lip Color

This beauty trend is one of those which seems to be hated by many men. Skip the bold lip color. Avoid wearing lipsticks which are too dark or bright, not only can they give you an older appearance, but just like sticky lips they may leave your guy avoiding your lips. To make your lips more kissable and inviting choose a peachy or pink shade that says “kiss me”!

10. Bad Skin

If your skin is acne prone or dried out and starting to wrinkle, make sure you are taking good care of it.When your dating gets more serious, how will you feel to wake up next to your guy with no makeup on? If the thought of this scares you than you should begin taking steps toward building a beauty routine to improve your skin. Make sure you are choosing cosmetics designed for your skin type and to address any skin conditions you have.  If you are worried about wrinkles or aging skin try the newest anti-aging ingredient making headlines: Resveratrol. Studies have found that applying it topically can reduce the appearance of aging quite significantly!

If you are looking to impress a date avoid these beauty trends that men hate.

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