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The Basics of Beautiful Brows

Woman with beautiful eyebrows

Over time, the trend look of the eyebrow has swung from full and bushy to pencil-thin and back again.  The current style is naturally full but well-groomed.  We have all heard that doing your brows finishes any makeup look and that is probably true.  I will admit that I do not fill mine in daily but I do try to stay up on the tweezing.

  • Removal and Shaping – If you have never really shaped your own, it’s probably best to see a professional the first few times so that you have an idea of what you’re doing. There are several ways of removing those stray hairs including waxing, tweezing, and even threading.
  • Filling and Coloring – There are waxes and pencils and even mascara-type creams. Depending on how much you need to fill in or how easy you want to make your mornings, choose the formula that works for your needs.  When I do fill in my brows, I prefer the It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil for its easy use and blend-ability.  Unless your hair color drastically differs from your brow color (i.e., you have bleached your dark brown hair), it is usually best to stick with a color that matches your natural brow color.

I do keep my eyelashes tinted regularly and two of the technicians I have seen convinced me to tint my blonde eyebrows as well.  Neither of the times worked out in my opinion.  Both times they were much darker than I was used to and I did not care for the look.  I don’t fault the technicians, but this is not something that I would have done again.  However, if you regularly color yours in or have dyed your hair a drastically new color, you might consider this option.

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