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How to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

A common problem for women is applying nail polish and after short time discovering splinters cut off from the nail polish. Right here you realize you need to know some methods to make nail polish stay longer. After you come to know some facts on this topic, you will simply be surprised because they are so simple and easy. You may wonder why you have never done them.

Well, if you think nail polish quality doesn’t have anything to do with this, you will be mistaken. Of course with nail polish price you can judge the length and duration of you nail polish’s life.

Before starting applying nail polish it is important to remove the old one with a nail polish remover which is acetone. After which you need to wash your hands with soap, and then dry them very well for the nails not to remain any wet. This is a cleansing process through which all the dirt vanishes away.

You may be surprised to know, but apple vinegar is going to be a very important tool for keeping your nail polish on longer.

After drying your hands take a small piece of cotton and apply the apple vinegar on the surface of your nail. It should be a little only and let it get dry naturally. Wait 10-15min, don’t worry for the smell. It will go after short time. Apple vinegar is going to help your nail polish stay on if not more, then for 2 weeks for sure.

Applying the nail polish for one time isn’t enough. First a thin coat should be applied. That will be the base and it will prepare your nails for the main nail polish. After applying the nail polish for the first time, you should wait for 15min so that it gets dry. This is also important for the nail polish to stay longer. So better start the job earlier not to have shortage of time later and have patience. You will not regret!

If you are found of shiny sparkling nails, here comes one more thing you can do. After the thin base, apply the shiny or a reflecting nail polish you have. They can even be clear with no color. It is not only for extra beauty but also the nail polish sticks harder to your nails.

And at last the main layer! While applying the main color, take care of applying even. Don’t apply to much. Thicker it is harder it is to fully dry.

While applying nail polish pay a good attention on your nail tips. This is the place where nail polish starts getting chipped and it is the place we pay smallest attention while applying the nail polish.

It may sound funny but keeping your nail polish containers in the fridge is one of the methods for the nail polish to last longer.

Have fun with your nails. Now they are going to look even better!

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