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Cool St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Designs To Try

Not only the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This great holiday, devoted to Christianity, is celebrated all over the world. On this day, you have a chance to try the green manicure and not look strange. Make your imagination work and create various nail art designs. Instead of just applying the green manicure, you may try the following cool St. Patrick’s Day nail art designs. It will be splendid to combine the various tones of green.

You may create stripes with green manicure, or go for green dots on the white nail polish. Draw the matte green on the index finger and the glittery green on the middle finger.

It will be a great idea to try the green shade on your nails, accentuating the ring finger with a white nail polish, adding green leaves on it.

Here is another cool St. Patrick’s Day nail art design worth trying. Paint your nails in a white manicure and draw several tiny leaves in a green shade.

Embellish your nails with two various nail polishes. Apply the emerald green and the shimmering bronze. Green tone will look amazing on your nails, which should be applied with a dotting tool.

It will be admiring to have several pleasing words on your nails and drawing lips, if you apply them on your nails painted in green and golden bronze hue.

Create plaid nail art design for St. Patrick’s Day, using a white nail polish together with two shades of green. The thin brush will help you get these fabulous stripes.

It’s quite easy to draw polka dots, painting your nails in a dark green tone and adding dots in a brighter shade and vice versa, if you want your nails to be different.

Enjoy your exclusively beautiful nails, trying any of the cool St. Patrick’s Day nail art designs

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