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New Year, New You: Makeup

Woman applying blush to cheeks

Does that makeup collection also need cleaning out, like the closet?  The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make that happen!  Throw out any expired or separated items, share or get rid of items that just are not useful any more, and see what might need to be added.

The same three piles as the closet will work for makeup: (1) items that are used on a regular basis, (2) items that are never used, and (3) items that could be worn if they were cleaned or repurposed (a dark eyeshadow that could be used as an eyeliner instead).  Makeup could also have one more additional pile in the initial sorting – those items that are reserved for a particular function like waterproof mascara or that dressy red lipstick.  These can be stored elsewhere.

Has that foundation with SPF expired or separated?  Toss it and find a new one for the new year.  It would also be a good time to revisit the shade and formula to make sure that it is still a perfect match.  Between seasonal changes and the passage of time, it is a good idea to reevaluate the formula anyway.

If all of the lipsticks are the same shade of neutral nude pink, try selecting one or two of your favorites to keep, and then add a soft berry color to liven things up.  If darker colors are intimidating, try a sheer gloss version instead.

If the eyeshadows are mostly browns and camels, try a green or purple eyeliner for a hint of color.  And as an added tip, there is actually never a need to buy nude eyeshadow.  A dab of concealer plus a dusting of face powder will result in the perfect nude shade every time.

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