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Easy Ways to Conceal Under Eye Bags

There may be various reasons of having under eye bags, such as sleeplessness, tension and stress. However, you shouldn’t get disappointed, as there are magical products, which will conceal under eye bags. Get inspired by these easy ways and feel the difference.

Conceal Under Eye Bags with Eye Cream and Primer

It is one of the easy ways of concealing under eye bags. You should provide your eye area with hydration, applying an eye cream. Consider that you should use it before applying your makeup. Then it is the primer’s turn. You should spread it under your eyes, using your fingers. It will magically conceal your great problem and make your skin look younger.

Conceal Under Eye Bags with Concealer

Concealer is another easy way of concealing under eye bags. Here you should only pick the right tone. In case you have circles in a blue color, you should go for a concealer with yellow undertones and it should differ from your skin color in a tone (it should be lighter). This tone will give you a bright face color. In case of brown circles, you should try a peachy or orange concealer.

Conceal Under Eye Bags with Bronzer

After using the concealer, you are recommended highlighting your cheekbones with bronzer. Then mix it towards your eye bags with a powder brush. This easy way will surely conceal under eye bags. Consider one essential fact: never apply glimmering bronzers, as they will enlarge the eye bags even more.

Conceal Under Eye Bags with Foundation

Applying foundation is one of the most essential makeup tips. Experts recommend finding the foundation tone, which will completely go with your skin color. Spread it on your cheeks, forehead with your fingers. Don’t forget about your chin and nose. Mix it slightly with your concealer and you will be able to hide your eye bags.

Define Foundation and Concealer

It’s very important to consider this step, if you want to conceal under eye bags. In case you apply right type of foundation and concealer and in the right way, you will be able to get rid of under eye bags. You had better go for a sheer powder, which will make your makeup stay for a long time.

Try any of these easy ways to conceal under eye bags and make your complexion fresh and healthy.

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