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Double-Flick Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

Applying double-flick eyeliner has become the latest trend in the beauty industry. It will create your modern look in 2014, getting inspired by the 60s makeup style. This amazing eye makeup requires creating flicks on both of your lash lines. If you are interested and want to learn how to get an eye makeup with double-flicks, have a look at these double-flick eyeliner tips and tricks. These easy steps will help you achieve the desired goal.

1.  The First Double-Flick Eyeliner Tip and Trick

Take an angled type of brush and gel eyeliner and apply a thin line on the top part of your lash line. It is essential to start lining from your inner eye corner.

2.  The Second Double-Flick Eyeliner Tip and Trick

Go on lining the bottom part of your lash line, using the same tools as in the first step. Make the lines come together at your inner eye corner. The lines of the outer part shouldn’t be combined.

3.  The Third Double-Flick Eyeliner Tip and Trick

Create two lines outside your lash line, and make them parallel to each other. Draw two flicks, the ending points of which should be positioned diagonally underneath the brows.

4.  The Forth Double-Flick Eyeliner Tip and Trick

Make the space between the two flicks clean, using a thin cotton bud, deepened into the liquid cleanser. Apply an eye pencil in a nude tone between the two flicks.

5.  The Fifth Double-Flick Eyeliner Tip and Trick

Now, it’s turn to use the eye pencil in a nude shade along the inner part of your bottom lash line. It will intensify your black eyeliner.

6.  The Sixth Double-Flick Eyeliner Tip and Trick

To feel the real touch of 60s, finish your double-flick eyeliner with a thick mascara. Apply it on both of your lashes.

It’s so easy to create double-flick eyeliner, if you consider these 6 easy recommendations.

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