8 Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Model with satin wine lipstick

Whether you are planning to create a flawless formal or gorgeous casual look, wearing the right color of lipstick is that one magic trick that can help you to make a difference and create a real statement-making look. In fact besides the importance of matching your lipstick with your skin type there is also the requirement of using a color that is corresponding to the latest beauty trends. So, considering all that we decided to present to you 8 gorgeous, trendy lipstick shades that are worth trying for this year! Thus, check them out!

Modern Approach of Classy Red Lips

One of the easiest ways to add the perfect finish touch to the entire look of yours is to wear a matte red lipstick as this way you’ll show off an interesting, modern approach of the classy red lips!

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Pale Pink Lips

A great makeup style to go for when it comes to creating a soft romantic look that will perfectly emphasize the natural feminine beauty of a woman.

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Brick Color

It’s versatile, it looks natural and it’s simply perfect! Give a try to this stunning lip color and you won’t regret it!

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Dark Purple

An eye-catching alternative that guarantees achieving a statement-making, runway look that for once again will prove your sense of high fashion!

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Coral Lip Color

Besides the fact of it being a gorgeous shade for lips it is also distinguishable for its versatility as depending on the eyeshadow that you’ll combine it with you can either create an occasional or casual everyday look!

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Orange Lip Color

Orange lipstick appears to be in the top charts of the most popular beauty trends for this year which is another reason why we think that one should wear dark orange lips for at least once this year!

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Vibrant Red

A gorgeous lip color that screams attention! Moreover, this is an eye-catching shade that will easily add a positive vibe to the entire look of yours and make it more youthful!

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

Fab Satin Wine

An intriguing, elegant lip color that can be the perfect finish touch for a look with sophistication appears to be the magnificent Satin Wine shade.

Lipstick Shades to Try This Year

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