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How to Pick the Right Shade of Blush

Woman applying blush to cheeks

There are hundreds of products that claim to brighten or liven up your complexion. But there are few products that can do what blush can do. It is amazing how much brighter and more awake your skin appears with just a simple stroke of color on the cheeks. But how to pick the right color?

  • There are a lot of factors to consider. How bold do you want your color to be?  Do you prefer a matte, dewy, or shimmery finish?
  • Mostly you need to consider your overall skin tone – the undertone as well as the depth of color in your skin.
  • For fair skin: A little bit of color goes a long way so it is best to steer clear of extremely bright or dark colors. Soft pink would be best for cooler skin tones while pale peach works better for warmer skin tones.
  • For medium skin: You can get away with a little more color, so choose something a little richer or brighter. Pink tones still work for cool skin while peach tones still work for warm.
  • For deep skin: You are the lucky group who can go bold or bright! Do try to stay away from pale pinks or peaches since they can leave an ashy look to your skin.

A few shades will work for both cool and warm skin – coral or mauve can usually work for almost everyone as long as it’s the right depth of color.

Choosing one with or without shimmer is up to you, but heavy shimmer usually looks best on younger skin.

Regarding the formula itself, liquids are usually a stain. Gels and creams can melt into drier skin types for a healthy natural glow. Powders help mattify oilier skin types.

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