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Women Hairstyles to Wear in Your 30s

Women reaching the age of 30 may come across the problem of choosing the best hairstyles for them that will make them younger. All women wish to have a trendy and jovial look and to be the trendsetter of the season. Consider that age may not be an obstacle for you. You may always wear a stylish hairstyle and feel self-confident. Here are great hairstyles that you may go for. You may either change your hair color or add highlights. You may opt for either asymmetrical bob hairstyles or try soft waves on your long and short hair. You may also experiment with pretty updos or ponytails with chic fringes. Get inspired by the following women hairstyles to wear in your 30s.

1. Red Cropped Hairstyles
While reaching the age of 30, you may make your hair color darker. You may go for a red cropped hairstyle, as it will make your skin color brighter and will soften your features. It will be splendid to try the red shade on your dark brown hair, as soon as you notice grey hair.

2. Half-Up Hairstyles
It’s one of the best hairstyles to wear at your 30s. This hairstyle will provide you with a tempting look for a prom night. To get this look, you should take some hair and adjust it at the back using pins. You had better let some hair loose to frame your face.

3. Wavy Hairstyles
Curls are fantastic both for day and night. This glamorous hairstyle will look ideal on everyone and will perfectly go with any type of hair. To achieve this look, you should create subtle waves with a curling iron, then brush them out. It will give your hair extra texture.

4. 50s Quiff Hairstyles
To make your cropped hairstyle glamorous and outstanding, you may go for the 50s quiff style. Apply wax to make the front part of your hair go back. This hairstyle is ideal for women of 30.

5. 60s Ponytail Hairstyles
Shift from the classic updos and experiment with the 60s ponytail. To make the ends of your hair curly, you should use a curling iron and then unfasten them. Make a low ponytail and let some hair free. For extra volume you should tease your crown.

6. Long Sleek Ponytails
Provide a modern touch to your ponytail and create a fabulous hairstyle for women in their 30s. Create a high ponytail and make it super sleek. Adjust your pony with some section of your hair to make the elastic invisible. Your glam look will be guaranteed.

7. Bohemian Curls
Reaching your 30s, do not go for a short hairstyle. If your hair is curly, you may create a magical hairstyle. Just make small braids and let the ends free. You will get a beachy look. These bohemian curls will be great on you even at the age of 30.

8. Curly Quiffy Hairstyles
You may make your quiffy hairstyle fashionable just by curling it. Keep the sides straight, adjust them at the back and create subtle curls at the top of your head. Finally, spray a hairspray.

9. Fringe Short Bob Hairstyles
Women of 30 may freely opt for a short bob hairstyle. Make it super sleek using a straightening iron and add a stylish fringe. You will achieve a glimmering look.

10. Fringe Bob Hairstyles
For a prom night you may cut soft layers on your short bob hairstyle for a sophisticated look. Don’t create a tidy look, just blow-dry your hair. This will be fabulous for women in their 30s.

11. Short Curls
For a romantic and feminine look, women may go for short curls at the age of 30. To be in style they may cut layers, which in its turn may provide extra texture.

12. Long Curly Hairstyles
In case you have long and straight hair, you may create a gorgeous hairstyle by creating pleasant curls. To have this divine look you should use a special hairspray, which will protect your hair from heat and then curl with a curling iron. While curling, direct them towards the inside and outside. Finally, open your curls with the help of your fingers and apply hairspray.

13. Short Curly Hairstyles in the Afro Style
Women in their 30s may go for an Afro style. The may use a nice headband to make their short curly hair go away from the face. What an amazing look you will have with an open forehead!

14. Curls on Long Hair
To look trendy, you may curl your long hair and get a classy look in your 30s. It’s quite easy and effortless. All you need is a curling iron and a hairspray.

15. Bob Hairstyles in Black
To get a fantastic bob hairstyle you should make your hair ends longer and create an asymmetrical fringe. This hairstyle will look perfect on any woman of 30. You are only advised to experiment with this hairstyle on the black tone.

16. Long Curly Hairstyles
For a younger look, you are recommended wearing gentle curls on your long hairstyle. You may create layers to frame your face. You will achieve your desired jovial look in your 30s in case of rocking this hairstyle.

17. Long Curly Hairstyles
Make your hair loose, styling subtle and trendy curls. Your bedhead look will be super chic for this season. Women, go for this look in your 30s.

18. Fringe Short Cropped Hairstyles
Make your fringe a little longer (it should slightly touch your eyes) for a trendy look. Go for a short cropped hairstyle in a retro style. This exposing hairstyle will give you a younger look.

19. Dip Dye Hairstyles
If you feel self-confident, opt for this unique hairstyle in your 30s. Be in style with your dip dye hairstyle.

20. Curls on Long Hair
Get inspired by the 70s and create pretty curls and accessorize your hairstyle with a nice headband. Finally, spray a hairspray to make your new hairstyle stay long and in place.

21. Fringe on Mid-Length Hair
For a bold look you may go for rough layers and an eye-catching side bang. For a glamorous look dye your hair in a blonde shade. Women will look magical in this hairstyle when reaching their 30s.

22. Braided Mid-Length Hairstyles
Go back and rock the 60s style. Just take some hair from both sides and plait. Let the rest of your hair free for a vintage touch.

23. Curls on Mid-Length Hair
If you are already in your 30s, you may look younger by styling soft curls on your medium -length hair. Dye your hair in a blonde tone and get a flirty look.

24. Fringe Short Hairstyles
If you are lack of time, the best style choice for you will be a short and messy bob hairstyle. You may pull off this look every day. To soften your features, you may add a side bang. You will surely look much younger in your 30s.

25. Fringe Short Curly Hairstyles
Go for short curly hair and pair your trendy hairstyle with a nice side fringe. Add soft layers and provide extra texture. You will get a gorgeous look in your 30s.

26. Fringe Messy Updo Hairstyles
Go for a super stylish top knot hairstyle. To get it you should create a high ponytail and turn it into a top knot. Adjust your hair using pins. Tease your updo to create a messy look at the age of 30. For a complete finish wear a trendy straight fringe.

27. Fringe Long Sleek Ponytails
The blunt fringe will be the best variant for your long sleek ponytail. Turn some part of your hair around the ponytail and adjust it with pins. You will look even more glamorous in your 30s.

28. Fringe Long Curly Hairstyles
If you don’t consider the blunt fringe to be your style, you may freely opt for a longer fringe, which slightly touches your eyes. For a younger look, go for trendy curls on your long hair. You will achieve a stylish look in your 30s.

29. Soft Curls on Long Hair
For a trendy and romantic look you may side section your hair and create chic curls with a curling iron. You had better tease your curls to create a textured and wavy hairstyle.
The choice of the right hairstyle for women in their thirties is unlimited. Be more experimental and rock these fabulous hairstyles, taking into account your hair type, face form and skin color.

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