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Top 50 Cute Girly Hairstyles with Bows

Girly, sweet, cute… All the most beautiful words in the dictionary aren’t enough to describe the entire charm of simply bows, which feature such a high dose of romanticism and femininity! There would hardly be any girl, who hasn’t worn a bow at least once in her childhood, while going proudly to school or simply showing herself off among her cutie peers. Since bows seem to be never losing their trendiness and classiness, we suggest checking out the following top 50 cute girly hairstyles with bows and giving your favorite ones a try!

There are two basic ways of styling hair with bows: wearing a bow hair accessory or making a hair bow! Both are chic and elegant, you just need to consider your own preferences, hair length and the occasion. If you have short hair and want to add a girly vibe to it, surely you should go for bow hair accessories, instead of making hair bows, as it would be something simply impossible. On the other hand, if you have long tresses and are already tired of your daily looks, seeking for some innovation and creativity, make a hair bow! Create a half-up half-down hairstyle and finish your look off with a top bow. Or just style a top bun, spiced up with a hair bow.

Bows look amazing both on updo hair and loose styles. Just consider the occasion and your mood and create the style that is closer to your heart! Get inspired from these lovely girly hairstyles with bows and recreate your favorite look!

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