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Stylish and Unique Pixie Haircuts for Women

If you are tired of having long hair for a long time, don’t be afraid to cut it short. There are dozens of styles that you can make with your short hair. You will look very beautiful, elegant and confident. Here are some tips that will help you know about varieties of short hair, then you are free to choose the one, you think mostly will suit you.

Whenever you are in mood, one of the best ways to make your short hair look amazing is to make faux hawk. You just need a hairspray, to tease your hair two parts on either side of the head. If you have pixie cut hair then don’t doubt to have a faux hawk on your head.

Your pixie cut look depends on your paring of hair. Try to change your part, if you have always been parting your hair to left, try to part it to the right. Part the most amount of your hair, or just some part of it, or you can even brush it back. The main idea is to give to your hair lift and volume, which is very womanish and elegant.

When you are in a hurry but you also want your pixie cut hair to look gorgeous, then add some textures. After washing your hair, mist on a texturizing spray and dry your hair. Then wax it and tousle. So your textured hair is ready in a few minutes.

You can wear a sleek style on your pixie hair for daily life. It is very easy to do this. Take a shower, have a styling crème on your hair and comb it through. You can have part of your hair on your forehead, or you can take it away, that is up to your choice.

It is very elegant to have your pixie hair slicked back. Don’t be afraid to be back to the 80s, when this hairstyle was very popular. Having such a hairstyle needs a good makeup too. Red lipstick is enough to stress the beauty of your slicked back hair.

Wavy pixies are easy to do with curly hair. Though it is also possible to do with straight hair. Put some gel on your damp hair, then create the waves with some stripes of fabric. You will probably need 12 stripes. Roll your hair to the top and tie it up. Go to sleep with those stripes on your head, and have them away in the morning. With your fingers make your hair wavier, and you are done.

Messy pixie hair looks really very good, especially when you have a headband that gives a more womanish look to your messy hair. Just mess it towards all the possible directions, and anyway your hair will look amazing.

As you see, there are lots of styles for short hair, you can make with them anything you want.

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