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How to Make Curls Last the Night

Charlize Theron with curly blonde hair

Having the gorgeous, bouncy curls you’ve been dreaming of isn’t the easiest thing as there is also the big concern of making your stunning curls to last the night. However, there are few ways that seem very promising when it comes to solving this problem and here we present them!

How to Make Curls Last the Night

Don’t Rush

If you want to create a hairstyle that not only will attract everyone’s attention but also will be so perfectly done that will maintain its look for all night long make sure you take your time styling it and don’t rush to finish the process.

Use a Hair Spray

One of the best tricks to make your curls last the night is to spray a bit of hairspray on after blow drying it. Give it a try and you’ll see the big difference!

Wash your Hair the Day Before

Washing your hair a day before styling it will actually save you from a lot of work as slightly dirty hair is a lot easier to control and style.

How to Make Curls Last the Night

Be Careful while Brushing

Brushing your curls is another thing that needs to be done carefully as if you don’t brush your curls out very gently you might ruin the whole work that you’ve done so far. In fact, for better results we suggest you to not brush them out but loose them using your fingers in other to avoid the risk of ruining your look.

Add the Perfect Finish Touch

Of course, by that we mean giving a final spray that will secure the look that you spent hours to achieve which means that this is also an important task to do if you want to make your curls last longer.

After all, don’t forget to consider the weather as well as no one would like to spent hours to create a hairstyle that’s going to be easily ruined by the bad weather.

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