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Hottest Hair Colors of Fall/Winter

Looking for some inspiring ideas that will help you to freshen up your fall look? Well, get ready to find out what our beloved stylists suggest! Moreover, let the new hottest hair color trends become your main source of inspiration for you create a new, stylish look that everyone will admire! Thus, check out!

Color Block Hair

The color block hair trend still remains at the top charts of hair coloring trends, which means that you still have a chance to go for it and rock an eccentric style that will make you stand out of the crowd! Thus, for this season our beloved stylists suggest the following variety of block colors: blonde with soft rose, pinky beige and creams, coppers and etc.

Softer Hair Tones

In contrast with last season’s hair color trends that required dark eye-catching colors, the new season’s trend allows you to go for a bit of softer tones.

Dark Hair Shades

Of course, the above mentioned hair color trend doesn’t mean that dark tones are totally out of style. Moreover, dark shades can actually perfectly match with autumn’s dominating colors, so if you were thinking to go a tone darker it is the right time!

Blonde Curls

For those of you who have rich curls with a lot of volume, hair experts suggest sticking with light blonde shades that will enhance your natural locks even more and give you a shiny look!

Ombre Hair

Yes, you still have the chance to rock an eye-catching ombre style, as this hair coloring trend still remains in the top charts!

Natural Hair Colors

If you want to freshen up your look but you doubt your risk of going for a radical change, then you can just go for soft natural hues and create a new harmonic look that will emphasize your femininity the best!

Bold Hair Colors

For those of you who aren’t afraid to take the risk and go for a new bold look, hairstylists suggest combining a bold short crop with a bright blonde hair color and creating a breathtaking look that will leave everyone speechless.

Hair Highlights

When it comes to highlighting, the balayage technique seems dominating in this category. This new style will give a soft sun-kissed touch to your look while maintaining your hair’s natural beauty.

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