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Edgy Celebrity Hairstyles to Try In 2014

There are certain hairstyles and haircuts that make us pay attention to them. We will post edgy celebrity hairstyles that you may try in 2014. Below, you will see celebrities, dying their tresses in an amazing color or cutting their locks in a fantastic style.

1.  Helen Mirren’s 2013 Edgy Hairstyle

Helen Mirren made no mistake when she opted for a pink hair color and created a pixie hairstyle in 2013. This style is your key to an edgy look in 2014.

2.  Angelina Jolie’s 2000 Edgy Hairstyle

Here is one of the edgy celebrity hairstyles, worth trying in 2014. Angelina Jolie is for blowout but at the Oscar, she wore long and straight tresses, getting to the derriere.

3.  Rihanna’s 2011 Edgy Hairstyle

Rihanna is among those celebrities who opt for crazy hairstyles and hair colors. Appearing at Crayola red, she dyed her hair in a strawberry shade and created numerous curls. This edgy celebrity hairstyle may inspire you in 2014.

4.  Cassie’s 2012 Edgy Hairstyle

This look can be unnoticed. Cassie shaved the half part of her hair and made the rest of her hair curly. This edgy hairstyle is the trend of 2014 and if you are brave enough, you may try it.  

5.  Drew Barrymore’s 2009 Edgy Hairstyle

If you are seeking for an edgy hairstyle, get inspired by Drew Barrymore’s 2009 hair. Dye your locks in a blonde tone and blacken the ends, creating one of the edgy celebrity hairstyles in 2014.

6.  Jada Pinkett Smith’s 2013 Edgy Hairstyle

This celebrity amazes us with her exclusive and edgy hairstyle. Jada Pinkett Smith goes further and shaves the two sides of her head, making high ponytail with the rest of her hair.

7.  January Jones’ 2013 Edgy Hairstyle

We can’t stay indifferent to January Jones’ 2013 edgy hairstyle. She thrills us with her golden tresses. January Jones creates a high pompadour and makes the two sides super slick, when she stepped on the red carpet. You may try this look and achieve an edgy look in 2014.

8.  Jennifer Aniston’s 1999 Edgy Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston wore a loose wavy hairstyle in a Bohemian style and looked chic and fashionable. You will certainly desire to resemble this edgy hairstyle in 2014.

9.  Nicole Richie’s 2013 Edgy Hairstyle

Nicole Richie is always at the spot of the fashion. At the Met Gala, she went for a chic updo hairstyle, dying her hair in a grey tone. It provided her with an edgy and polished look. This fantastic style is worth trying in 2014.

10.  Gwen Stefani’s 1998 Edgy Hairstyle

Gwen Stefani experimented with numerous exotic hairstyles. At the MTV Music Awards, she opted for a blue bun hairstyle, which she paired with a red lipstick. It is among the edgy celebrity hairstyles to try in 2014.

11.  Jennifer Morrison’s 2013 Edgy Hairstyle

For a cool and trendy look, resemble Jennifer Morrison’s faux Mohawk hairstyle. This style will stay long and you may even enjoy it the next morning.

12.  Kelly Osbourne’s 2014 Edgy Hairstyle

Maybe, you avoid trying extraordinary hair colors, but Kelly Osbourne’s 2014 hairstyle will make you desire to wear the purple shade on your tresses. This look is enlisted among the best celebrity edgy hairstyles in 2014.

13.  Alice Dellal’s 2011 Edgy Hairstyle

This great model shows her black roots and shaves one section of her hair. For the Elle Style Awards she has a rock ‘n’ roll look and may be your inspiration for an edgy look in 2014.

14.  Keri Russell’s 1999 Edgy Hairstyle

To get an edgy look, cut your hair into a stunning pixie hairstyle. Keri Russell styled soft curls on her short pixie hairstyle and became one of our inspirations for 2014.

15.  Natalie Dormer’s 2014 Edgy Hairstyle

To play Cressida’s role in the Hunger Games, the great actress shaved the left part of her head and created a nice braid, looking edgy and sophisticated. A fantastic hairstyle choice for courageous women.

16.  Rachel McAdams’ 2007 Edgy Hairstyle

Rachel McAdams’ perfect look was achieved due to the pink hair strands, which she added to her chin-length bob hairstyle. Styling this hairstyle, you will surely get the desired edgy look in 2014.

17.  Christina Aguilera’s 2001 Edgy Hairstyle

This celebrity’s illuminated look shocked us, as she pulled off a partially braided updo hairstyle on her blonde tresses in 2001. Get ready to wear this exclusive hairstyle on a great party.

18.  Erykah Badu’s 2010 Edgy Hairstyle

This celebrity revealed her character, rocking a screaming hairstyle. She pulled off a Mohawk style on her blonde locks. This hairstyle is recommended trying for an edgy look in 2014.

19.  Scarlett Johansson’s 2003 Edgy Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson’s mullet hairstyle is among the edgy ones, that you are advised to try in 2014.

20.  Victoria Beckham’s 2007 Edgy Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham bleached her tresses and went for a short crop hairstyle with an eye-grazing bang. You may try this messy short hairstyle and have an edgy look in 2014.

Thus, be more courageous and choose any of the mentioned above edgy celebrity hairstyles in 2014.

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