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Easy Step-By-Step Hairstyle Tutorials for Chic, Girly Looks

As you might have noticed already, thick, bouncy, hairstyles are one of the most popular beauty trends for this season! Of course, not everyone manages to deal with long, voluminous hair, especially during the cold winter days, as the whole styling process becomes even harder due to the bad weather. Well, before you rush to conclude that winter isn’t a good season for experimenting with styles, check out the gorgeous DIY hairstyles presented below!

 Modern Chic Updo

One of the easiest and cutest ways to style long hair! Add a modern allure to the classic updo and create a stylish look that can’t be ruined by the bad weather! Thus, start with a classic double French braid and simply criss-cross both plaits and secure with bobby pins. Easy, isn’t it?

Cute Low Bun

Another great alternative for those of you who want to save time yet create a stunning, admirable look! To make this fab hairstyle reality start by adding some volume to your hair. Once you’ve done that, use a bit of hairspray to secure the look. Next, gather your hair together into a low pony leaving some small strands hanging in the front. Now, turn your ponytail upside down, tuck the ends in and secure with bobby pins.

Natural Curls

There is nothing better than emphasizing, long, natural curls. Moreover, you can also straight your hair from the roots and keep the ends curly, add some hairspray and look like you just stepped out of a salon! You can also gather up your hair into a cute, curly updo, add a headband and create a soft, romantic style!

Gorgeous Hair Bow

Creating a cute hair bow and combining it with a romantic half up hairstyle can be one of the best alternatives for a chic-elegant, feminine look! Besides, to complete your look with an adorable flower printed dress and create a gorgeous style!

Braided Low Ponytail

To get this gorgeous hairstyle simply part your hair from the middle or side. Next, gather your hair together into a low pony leaving a medium length strand out. Now start braiding the strand that you have left out and once you do that roll it throughout your ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

Romantic Half Up

Another super cute and easy to do hairstyle that you might show off! Thus, part your hair from the middle and start making two small, tight braids from up front towards your head. Once you’ve done that grab the ends of the two braided plaits and make a loose half up. For a finish touch you can add a hair accessory such as a bun, flower or hair jewelry and perfectly embellish the look!

Loose Beachy Curls

Long, loose curls become more and more popular as the time passes and are spotted in the runways even more frequently which proves that the mentioned hairstyle is also one of the hottest styling trends of this season. In fact beachy curls are and easily achievable style! Thus, all you have to do is use a curling iron, add some hairspray and loosen the curls with your hands.

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