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Classy Celeb Inspired Winter Hairstyles for Women

Looking for some good ideas that will help you to rock the most stylish winter looks? Well, check out our list of the best celebrity inspired hairstyles for this winter and get inspired to create the season’s most outstanding looks! Ready? Enjoy!

Braided Hairstyles

As you see braided styles still remain in, so if you can’t get enough of braided styles its ok as you still can rock your favorite hairstyles without worrying about being trendy. What’s really great about braided style is that there are so many variations to go for that you’ll never get bored!

Medium Length Bob

What is simply perfect about medium length bob is the fact that having your hair mid length allows you to play with different lovely styles and look just gorgeous!

Edgy Hairstyles

Edgy is never out of style! Thus, in this category the trendiest hairstyles for this winter season are short or long hairstyles with disconnected layers that add a daring touch to your whole look, so if you are looking forward for a radical change take the risk and rock one of the most fab hairstyles of this season!

Long Straight Hairstyles

Great news for those of you who don’t want to lose and inch of your hair, long, silky straight or classic blowouts still remain in the top charts. So, stick with such hairstyles and perfectly embellish a classy look. Sleek, low ponytails or natural tousled styles are also great alternatives especially if you want to follow the philosophy of less is more while retro inspired waves are simply perfect for a showy style.


For those of you who want to make an update but can’t take the risk of getting a haircut we present one of the best solutions: bangs. Cutting straight bangs with sharp angles can easily freshen up your look and add a modern touch to it.


Use styling mousse or gels in order to embrace you natural curls are they are still in the top charts of high fashion! Moreover, what hairstyle can deal better with the bad weather if not curly hair?

Center Part Hairstyles

The simplest way of adding chic touch to the whole look! But remember center parted hairstyles look gorgeous as long as they are perfectly made, so make sure you don’t ruin your look instead of updating it.

Messy Buns

The most practical hairstyles ever! And of course it is not surprising that some call it even to-go hairstyles as messy buns and top knots take only couple to be done and are considered as the simplest way to add a youthful allure to a look.

Ombre Hairstyles

You don’t want to say goodbye to the gorgeous sun-kissed style? Well, you don’t have to! Ombre is another fab style that still remains at the top charts! In fact if you want to make your look to correspond to the hues of winter season simply go for darker roots.

Braided Ponytails

It is not accidental that we mention this braided hairstyle separately from the category of braided styles as braided ponytails are the most fascinating hairstyles ever! In fact, whether you are dressed up or dressed down braided ponytails still remain the best choice!

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