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Celebrities with Bold Rainbow Hair

Well, as most of you may have noticed by now, among all the bright hair color trends rainbow hair trend has become very popular as well. In fact, our favorite celebs were one of the first to bring the rainbow hair trend in the spotlight, which is why we decided to make a special list of the best celebrity rainbow hairstyles, so here we present!

Kesha Rainbow Hair

Well, no doubt that Kesha would be included in the top list as the talented singer is also well-known for her various edgy looks which the star always manages to pull off very well!

Lady Gaga Rainbow Hair

Another iconic singer that always steals the spotlight with her diverse bold looks! And we are sure none of you will disagree that Lady Gaga also managed to show off rainbow hairstyle successfully! Seriously, doesn’t she look like a Barbie doll?

Katy Perry Rainbow Hair

Katy Perry is one of the starts that surely will keep looking gorgeous even if appears completely bald! However we would like to mention especially this super cute appearance of Katy Perry with pastel purple hair color.

Azealia Bangs Rainbow Hair

Famous rapper Azealia looks like a mermaid that came to real life from a fairytale with these long bouncy locks of rich green color.

Rita Ora Rainbow Hair

Rita Ora looks just fantastic with this impressive street inspired looks enriched with red, pinkish deep dyed ends and embellished with eye-catching golden earrings.

Jaime King Rainbow Hair

What’s very interesting about this look of Jaime King is the way the stunning celeb managed to show off a classic approach of the rainbow hair trend and didn’t fail!

Kelly Osbourne Rainbow Hair

Well, Kelly Osbourne is well-known for experimenting bright, edgy hair colors each time, but we decided to include this cute silvery lilac hair color of hers in our list of the best celebrity rainbow hairstyles. And the reason is because it makes the whole look of our beloved celeb more soft and feminine.

Coco Rocha Rainbow Hair

One of the best ways to add a frisky touch to the entire look showed off model Coco Rocha when appeared with statement-making deep dyed bright pink locks.

Nicki Minaj Rainbow Hair

We left Nicki Minaj for the end as her rainbow hairstyle probably can be announced as the best as the beautiful and talented had the risk to show off the way that a real rainbow hairstyle should look and did not fail, moreover this is one of the best looks of the beloved celeb!

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