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7 of The Worst Celeb Hairstyles Spotted So Far

Although we are used to look among our beloved celebs photos to get inspired to go for the perfect hairstyles, there are some cases that we wouldn’t suggest you to check out unless if you want to see the list of what celeb hairstyles not to go for! Thus, check out our list of the worst celeb hairstyles spotted so far and see what we don’t suggest to go for anyways!

Miley Cyrus

Well, having her long, voluminous lock chopped off and dyed bleach blond was definitely the worst way of leaving the Hannah Montana character in the past, which is why we included Miley in our list of the worst celeb hairstyles.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is well-known for never being afraid to go for a shocking look, but shaving a triangle on the back of the head, that was too much!

Scarlett Johansson

When Scarlett appeared showing off a mullet like hairstyle everyone started wondering why on earth would someone want to ruin the  naturally given attractiveness and beauty?

Pamela Anderson

We understand that pixie cut was considered the trendiest for 2013 but that shouldn’t be the only reason why one would go for it. And to get convinced simply check out how unflattering looks Pamela Anderson’s pixie style.

Jennifer Lopez

A look of the talented singer and actress that we would rather forget! A medium length bob hairstyle with bouncy locks and extra volume! An overwhelming look that can definitely be named disaster.

Mariah Carey

A high side ponytail can look great on you only if you are schoolgirl, but sticking with such hairstyle in your 30’s is one of the most unforgivable styling mistakes.

Rumer Willis

We don’t even know what makes this look of Rumer even worse the dark eyebrows, the boyish haircut or the bleached color that looks like the cherry on the top of a catastrophic look? After all, no wonder why she also appeared in our list of the worst hairstyles spotted so far.

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