15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles You Are Sure to Love

Taylor Swift with hair braids

Still thinking whether to try any of the braided hairstyles or not? Well, we are sure that a sneak peek at our top list of the best celebrity braided hairstyles will be more than enough to convince you to try and rock an outstanding braided hairstyle! So, just take a look!

Emma Watson Braided Hairstyle

What’s very interesting about this cute braided hairstyle is that from the front it looks like a timeless classy updo, while if you take a look from behind you’ll notice a modern approach of it made by a complex of fab braids.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Nicole Kidman Braided Hairstyle

Perfect for a romantic date look or just a night out look this fabulous braided style is also another good alternative to rock the braided trend. All you have to do is use a bit of hairspray to create the soft, wavy look and start braiding a French braid from the center of the head and make couple cycles with it while leaving out a small section on the outer side of the hair each time instead of both sides.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Ashanti Braided Hairstyle

This cute, soft braided bun can be a great option for a big event as it is a modern elegant hairstyle that can look perfect with any dress. In fact this hairstyle is very easy to be done as all you have to do is make a low ponytail and split in into four equal sections, and make fishtails and braids alternatively before you make a topknot.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Fan Bingbing Braided Hairstyle

One of the most glamorous braided styles ever! To get this stylish look simply start with a side part, follow making three cornbraids along the front of the head and nape of the neck and then again two cornbraids along the side of the head and nape of the neck. Once you’ve done that grab your hair into a low ponytail and only after make a bun.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Cheryl Cole Braided Hairstyle

Nothing can work better for a cocktail look than a soft, feminine braided hairstyle inspired by stunning Cheryl Cole. Also you can easily turn the look to a perfect one for a date by simply adding a hair accessory on it and creating a flirty style.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Hayden Pannettiere Braided Hairstyle

Of course we could not consider our list of the best braided hairstyles complete without including the classy braided plait. This is an interesting way to create a feminine hairstyle that will add a trendy touch to the whole look while keeping the main attention focused on strong facial features.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Jessica Alba Braided Hairstyle

Create an intriguing topknot that will look gorgeous and just ideal for a formal look. To get this hairstyle done separate your hair equally into two sections top and bottom and start braiding an inside out French braid from the nape of your neck. Once you’ve done that, grab the rest of the hair into a topknot and whoala!

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Katy Perry Braided Hairstyle

One of the most creative ways to add a modern touch to the classy braided plait is by using a fancy laced headband of a metallic color. You can also use one of any color you like as long as you combine it with your outfit rightly.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Kerry Washington Braided Hairstyle

Well, Kerry Washington impressed everyone when appeared showing of one of season’s hottest trends: a braided half updo. So if you are looking for any idea to try then the young celeb is definitely someone to be inspired from.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart looked like a real mermaid when she appeared at the Kid’s Choice Awards in this year showing off a fancy, textured fishtail braid. One of the best things about this stunning braided style is that it works great with both casual and occasional looks!

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Lea Michele Braided Hairstyle

Lea Michele’s braided hairstyle can be the best choice for those of you, who want to create an eccentric look that will steal the spotlight. Besides, this interesting updo of complex braids is just perfect for a big event look.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Minka Kelly Braided Hairstyle

A flawless, romantic braided style that everyone will admire! In this case we would like to focus your attention on the fancy hair accessory that is used to embellish the romantic look by adding a flirty touch to it.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Salma Hayek Braided Hairstyle

Salma Hayek looks like a real goddess with this impressive braided style, so if you are looking forward to create a style that will leave a big impact on everyone what don’t you try to show off this fancy braided hairstyle?

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Braided Hairstyle

This braided style of Taylor Swift can work well with both straight and side swept fringes. For better results you can also leave some small strands hanging just as the young star did and create a flawless romantic look!

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Zoe Saldana Braided Hairstyle

Last but not least Zoe’s braided hairstyle is a simple way to rock the hottest beauty trend of the year! Blow out your hair in order to add the needed volume, use a curling iron to create big, heavy locks, make a tiny braid starting from right above your ear and pin the end of it on the other side creating the effect of a headband.

15 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

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