Basic Makeup Tips for Smokey Eyes

By on November 18, 2013
Basic Makeup Tips for Smokey Eyes
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Whether you’ve got a big event approaching or you just want to add a glamorous touch to your everyday look, smokey eyes can be the fanciest option to stick with! So, take a look at the following easy steps presented below and learn how to do the perfect smokey eyes!

Makeup Tips for Smokey Eyes

Thus, to bring the main focus on eyes from the very first sight, first of all you need to curl your lashes using a regular eyelash curler and only after you can start by smudging a black kohl liner on the top and bottom lashes. Now, once you’ve done that slightly lift your lid up to add the same black liner to your upper lashes as well. Next, follow adding a bit of kohl pencil on a stiff brush and use it again to smudge.

At this point grab a gel liner and apply it on the lid starting from close to the lash line and blend towards the crease and once you’ve done that use the same brush (after you clean it) to add shimmery golden beige to the lid. Start applying on the area that appears closer to the lashes and blend out towards the brow. Apply the same shade on the lower lashes as well and make sure you use a pointed brush to do so in order to get better results. Finish the look by applying as many coats of mascara as needed for a dramatic touch and get ready to enjoy being in the center of attention!

Makeup Tips for Smokey Eyes

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