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Dressing for Your Body Shape: Hourglass

Woman getting ready

As we have learned, the Hourglass body shape is defined by a figure that has an equal balance of shoulders/bust and hips with terrific waist definition.  By many experts, this shape is considered the ‘ideal’ body shape.  Do keep in mind that some people can have a secondary body shape.  For example, if your hips […]

Dressing for Your Body Shape: Apple

Woman getting ready in mirror

As we have learned, the Apple body shape is defined by a figure that is ‘top heavy’, with broader shoulders, a wider torso, and a full bust, waist, and upper back.  The arms, hips, and legs tend to be slender and weight gain usually happens at the undefined waistline.  There are numerous ways to flatter […]

Dressing for Your Body Shape: Column

Stylish woman outdoors

As we have learned, the Column body shape (also known as the ruler) is characterized by little to no waist definition, with the shoulders, bust, and hips being mostly equal.  There are numerous ways to flatter and accentuate the positives of this particular shape while minimizing the “less favored” aspects. The overall goal for a […]

Dressing for Your Body Shape: Pear

Stylish red-haired woman outdoors

As we have learned, the Pear body shape is characterized by a narrower upper body and a fuller lower body.  There are numerous ways to accentuate the positives of this particular shape while still flattering the “less favored” features. The overall goal for a pear-shaped figure is to lengthen your body visually to balance out […]

How to Dress for Different Body Shapes

Woman choosing a dress to wear

There are obviously millions of variations since there are millions of us, but there are several basic body shapes that we all fall into.  Once we determine what our basic shape is, we can learn to dress to accentuate the positive parts of us!  Let’s start with the basics on how to identify which body […]

Is a 33-Item Wardrobe Realistic?

Woman taking out a dress from her wardrobe

The 33-item (or 30-item) wardrobe has become a huge minimalist trend. Paring down your closet to a mere thirty-three items? It sounds quite horrific for most of us. But just how realistic is this idea? Here are a few things to keep in mind if you have been tempted but are nervous to pare down […]

What are the Recent Summer Fashion Trends?

Woman sitting on the pavement

The heat and humidity are here to stay for the next few months, so what are the trends for 2016 summer fashion?  From what I can tell, they all seem pretty wearable for those of us who live “normal” lives! Shorts – The biggest trend in this comfortable summertime staple is the frayed denim look. […]

What is Appropriate Summer Attire for the Workplace?

Woman in an office

Now, of course, this all depends on where you live (i.e., how bad your summer climate will be), where you work (at a bank or at an advertising agency), and what dress code policies are enforced for your organization (open-toed sandals, sleeveless, hosiery, etc.) Not to mention whether your place of business keeps the air […]

To Hose or Not to Hose: Do You Wear Stockings to the Office?

Woman wearing stockings

It seems like quite the controversial topic within workplace fashion experts! I believe it is very subjective though. It depends on a number of factors such as your personal preference, your particular workplace environment and dress code, and the weather in your area. I work with one woman who almost always wears black opaque hosiery […]

How Do You Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget?

Woman taking out clothes from her wardrobe

Upgrading your professional wardrobe sounds like a daunting and expensive undertaking, but good news — it does not have to be!  Here are five quick tips on how to upgrade and renew your work clothes while you mind your checkbook balance. The most important money-saving tip is to do not browse but only go with […]