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Emerging Makeup Trends for Fall 2016

Women getting eyeliner applied

Yes, the thermometers are still spiking in the triple digits and the community pools are still overflowing with grade-schoolers, but school is just around the corner and the runways are showing off their fall trends. There are a few trends that seem ‘unwearable’ for normal life but some of them are quite wearable for most […]

Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Three women in bathing suits

We have taken a look at the most flattering clothing for each body type, but let us take a moment for a more personal (albeit sometimes painful) clothing issue — swimsuits. For most of us, swimsuit shopping is almost as much fun as a root canal. But if you go to the store better informed […]

What are the Recent Summer Makeup Trends?

Woman with natural makeup

When we hit those summer months, there is always the addition of waterproof mascara and a cheek stain instead of cream or powder blush.  But what are the trends for summer makeup 2016? Face – “Non-touring” sounds like a wonderful trend. It is the opposite of that heavy contoured appearance.  In the summer, we tend […]

Get Creative with Your Liner with This Fall Trend

Model gets her eyeliner done

This is one trend that is definitely not boring! Designers were bringing out all the stops on the runways for Fall 2015 and one of their favorite looks was graphic eyeliner. A simple thin line is old news and not nearly as eye-catching as what the models were sporting. This is one makeup trend that […]

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre – A Product Review

I have reservations when trying out different moisturizing creams on my face. Some of them are okay at best, while others are surprising because of their great effects on my skin. I can’t say that you will have the same effects as I did, but here is my review of a miracle cream. The first […]

A Look at the Clinique Black Honey Line

Clinique is known for coming up with a wide range of beauty products—for skin care and makeup needs. What recently caught my attention is their Black Honey line. Normally, I’m not a fan of really dark colors and “black” just made me think it was going to be all dark, but I was wrong! Their […]

Spring Beauty Trend of White Eyeliner

Fashion alert! The new beauty trend for this spring 2014, the trend of wearing white eyeliner comes to bring excitement to your makeup routine! Moreover, being well-known for its enhancing effects, it can be one of the best makeup tools for those of you who want to make your eyes look bigger! Thus, follow reading […]

6 Gorgeous Fall 2014 Makeup Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week offers exclusive makeup looks for fall 2014. Bold colors on the eyelids and on the lips are dominating o the runways. Here are 6 gorgeous fall 2014 makeup trends from Paris Fashion Week. 1.  Bold Eyeliner at Chanel Fashion Show At Chanel Fashion Show, everything was overwhelming. Here the neon eyeliner draws […]