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Winter Self Tanning Tips

To keep your glowy skin even in cold winter, you are advised to go for fake tan. The following winter self-tanning tips will be your best help this season.

Self-Tanning Tips: Exfoliate Your Skin in Winter

The first thing you should do to achieve self-tan in winter is providing your skin with exfoliation, as the cold weather may cause harm to your skin and make it drier. It may also irritate your soft skin. That is why you are advised to go for a cleanser, which is great for dead skin cells.

Self-Tanning Tips: Moisturize Your Skin in Winter

Here is another great tip for self-tanning in winter. To have an ideal fake tan, you should consider the greatness of the moisturizing products. You should moisturize your skin in order to prevent its drying in this cold winter season. You are advised to opt for body lotions, which have nourishing features. They will soften and smoothen your skin. Hydration will be kept during the whole day. Your fake tan will be amazing in winter.

Self-Tanning Tips: Opt for the Right Product

This tip is very essential while wearing a fake tan in winter. You should go for products, which completely go with the type and color of your skin to create a natural look. Consider that if you have a pale skin, you may choose quite different tanners. Tanning lotions will also be ideal for you, as it has a moisturizing feature and your skin will glow.

Self-Tanning Tips: Apply Tanner

As for the use of tanner, you should apply it on your entire body and make it look even. Then you should massage your skin gently with gloves until your body soaks it completely. If you give much preference to your hands, you had better rinse them immediately after this process. Otherwise, they will be in an orange shade.

Thus, before applying tanner in winter, you are recommended having a look at the best self-tanning tips.

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