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Are Tanning Sprays Worth It?

One surefire way to get those stares and double takes is a great tan, but getting that perfect golden brown glow takes a lot of work. Considering the number of hours that you need to spend basking under the sun and the various poses you need to do just to get the color evened out, you would have to invest a lot of time and effort just to get it done. Being a girl on the go, I personally have very little time to spend just to get my color right, so I have started shopping around for alternatives that could give me the color I want without all the fuss.

The Wonders of Tanning Sprays

Basking under the sun could be healthy up to a certain point, but too much of it also has long term effects. The sun is one of the causes of premature aging, making your skin wrinkle up at an early age. The use of tanning spray gives you that golden glow you are aiming for while eliminating the need for you to expose your skin to the sun too much. You can have the perfect color in an instant, allowing you to adjust the darkness of your skin accordingly.

The Risks That Go With an Instant Golden Glow

Of course, opting for that instant golden glow also has risks. Tanning products often use dihdroxyacetone or DHA as an active ingredient, a chemical that can cause serious damage to your system. Inhalation alone can do a lot of damage to your DNA, introducing the risk of genetic alterations to your body. This ingredient also has the tendency to increase the risk of skin cancer.

Are Tanning Sprays Worth It 2

Reducing the Risks

Knowing that the process has risks does not mean that you should not go for it. To make sure that you keep the process safe and simple, always use tanning sprays with proper guidance and precaution. Don’t overdo it. Use it in small doses, keeping in mind that the more frequent you have it done, the greater the risks. Take all the necessary precaution that should go with it, taking care that you use goggles, mouth gear and nose plugs to avoid introducing the harmful ingredients into your system directly. You can also try self-tanning lotions and gels and see if they can give you the end result that you are hoping for. These could prove to be a better alternative, taking out the risks that come from products that come with aerosol sprays. Check the ingredients that come with any product that you use and do some research before applying anything on your skin. This could help you weigh the pros and cons accordingly and would allow you to decide if the risks are worth it.

I have always believed that long term effects will always overrule the short term. This applies to beauty as well. Always think twice about what you would possibly have to deal with in the future, and put in mind that what beauty you believe the process is going to give you now is only temporary.

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