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Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

Cold season is already dominating, which means that you should take a deep care of your skin. Cold season will make your skin become dry and rough. Good care will help you not to face skin breakouts. If you can’t imagine how to solve this problem and what actions to carry out, you may go for our recommendations and consider the following essential winter skin care tips.

How to Take Care of Dry Skin in Winter

The first thing you should do to look after your dry skin in winter is to make your skin get ready for it. We would recommend applying moisturizing and exfoliating products, which are great for the dead skin. You had better go for those types of moisturizers, which are rich in lactic or salicylic acid. To exfoliate your skin, you should apply special scrubs. In case your skin is problematic and gets irritated, you had better go to the dermatologist and follow her prescriptions.

Clean your skin and apply moisturizer with oily ingredients, which will keep your skin wet. You may also go for moisturizers, which are high in glycerin and petroleum jelly. You are advised to use these products after taking a shower. It’s one of the essential winter skin care tips.

Don’t take a shower in hot water, as it will provide you with a drier skin. Lukewarm water will be the best variant for your dry skin. You should wash your face, feet and under your arms.

Sunrays will cause even more damage to your dry skin. So, you should go for sunscreens to avoid sunburns. You should use it each day before going out. You should also wear a hat and a nice scarf to protect your skin from drying in winter.

This tip is also very essential. You should pay much attention to your temperature regulating device. Make the air cool in order to make your dry skin softer.

Dermatologists also advise to create a healthy diet plan. You should eat healthy foods rich in many vitamins. They should also contain fatty acids, which will fight against your dry skin. You may go for walnuts, tuna, salmon and many others, which are high in Omega 3.

Get inspired by the essential winter skin care tips and get a healthy and soft skin.

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