Biggest Makeup Mistakes

Mischa Barton

Makeup has the power to make or break your look! It took me quite a while to find which makeup styles flatter me the most and when I did, I stayed on the safe side and stuck to them so I won’t go wrong. However, it’s nice to try new things once in a while, but while doing so, makeup can get quite troublesome. When you’re experimenting or trying on a new look, make sure not to commit the following makeup mistakes:

Biggest Makeup Mistakes

  • Wrong foundation shade – If your face looks lighter or darker than your neck, you can bet that you have the wrong shade of foundation. When choosing foundation, take the time to actually apply the product tester on your face and see if it blends out well with your skin. Also, make sure not to apply a thick layer to avoid the “cake face” look.
  • Piling on a ton of concealer – This is such a turn off and can be especially seen when photos of you are taken. Makeup tends to surface when there’s camera flash, and concealer definitely stands out in harsh light when you apply too much. Under eye concealer to hide eye bags should match your facial skin tone, and remember to blend out. Choose a product with great coverage to avoid applying too much.
  • Thick eyeliner – Eyeliner is used to make your eyes look more awake. Thick eyeliner, however, makes your eyes look smaller than they should. For that fresh look, keep your eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible, and add on one or two coats of mascara to finish the look.
  • Exaggeratedly drawn eyebrows – These are wrong on so many levels, I can’t even impress how important it is not to make this mistake. Eyebrows look great when they are neatly shaped, but arching them too high or filling in too heavily just frames your face wrong.

Biggest Makeup Mistakes 2

  • Too much blush – The soft rosy glow should be kept subtle. Smile and put a dab of blush on the apples of your cheeks for a more natural “pinched” look. Applying too much makes you look like a badly colored picture in a coloring book.

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