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Rachel Zoe Fashion Tips and Tricks for Your Gorgeous Looks

The great stylist Rachel Zoe created gorgeous looks on such celebrities as Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence and many others. Rachel Zoe reveals her best fashion tips and tricks for your gorgeous looks.

If you want to experiment with boho-chic style, take into account Rachel Zoe’s recommendations and make a pleasant change in your closet.

Trend Adaption to Your Personal Style

In case you don’t feel comfortable in this or that trend, you may either avoid it or go for trend adaption. Make the trend suit your body form and go with your personal style. In case suits, which are made of tweed, are in the latest trend, but you are not inclined to that style, you may pair a stylish jacket with your favorite jeans. The Converses will complete your look.

Choose Pants with the Right Length

Here is another fashion tip and trick to achieve a gorgeous look, recommended by Rachel Zoe. The stylist advises to opt for pants, which don’t touch the ground and are just a little high from the floor. It doesn’t refer to cropped ones, which reach the ankles.

Go for Boot-Cut Types of Jeans

The great stylist of celebrities offers to wear jeans, which are below your knee. It’s not obligatory to pull off skinny jeans in order to look slim. Jeans with wide legs are also your key to make your legs look longer.

Choose Big Accessories

Even those outfits, which may seem dull, can turn into something interesting with big and stylish accessories. Rachel Zoe went for this fashion tip while working with celebrities. Just take a large bag or a long necklace and look fashionable.

Go for Bold Jewelry

Having a look at Jennifer Lawrence’s jewelry at the Academy Awards, you will see one of Rachel Zoe’s fashion tricks. She creates a stunning look with an intrepid and eye-catching necklace.

Rock Leggings

Wearing leggings is Rachel Zoe’s another fashion tip for gorgeous looks. This style is very comfortable for moms. Just team them with tunics and trendy jackets. Accessorize your look with a nice jewelry and complete your look with stylish boots.

Pull off Fur Outfits While Travelling

Fur outfits may embellish any look. You had better pull fur coats or go for fur vest while travelling, as it is Rachel Zoe’s best fashion trick for gorgeous looks.

Wear High Heels

Most stylists avoid recommending mid-heeled shoes or boots with kitten heels. Rachel Zoe advises to define your gorgeous look either with high-heeled shoes or just with flats. However, petite women should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time. They had better go for platforms, having five inch height.

Feel Elegant with Masculine Items

Mixing masculine and feminine styles is one of Rachel Zoe’s fashion tips and tricks for gorgeous looks. You are recommended pairing a lightweight jacket with pants and add stylish accessories. In these masculine-inspired outfits, you will look elegant.

Pair Your Black Outfits with Bright Makeup

Brighten your black outfits, wearing a bold lipstick. Creating a makeup in brighter tones with your dark outfits will provide you with a gorgeous look, claims Rachel Zoe.

Consider Rachel Zoe’s fashion tips and tricks and enjoy your gorgeous look.

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