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How to Copy Taylor Swift’s Style

Spending hours admiring the gorgeous looks of beloved Taylor Swift? Well follow reading below and get informed about few easy tricks that will help you to adopt the multi-talented star’s stylish look and make you stand out of the crowd having a celeb look!

Wear High-Waisted Shorts

If you are a fan of the star you might have noticed by now the obsession that Taylor Swift has with high-waisted shorts and no wonder why as she manages to prefectly pull off a look created with the latter! Thus, if you want to successfully copy the look of the star go for a pair.

Wear Collared Blouses

They’re cute, they’re stylish and they are on the list of the main style preferences of our beloved celeb which is another reason why you should go own at least one collared blouse.

Go for Polka Dotes

We are sure the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the name of the young celeb is her soft feminine look usually embellished with ensembles designed with  polka dots. So, if you want to copy the look of stunning Taylor Swift you have to go for such pieces.

Stick with Skinny Ankle Pants

The star has been captured rocking a look created with skinny ankle pants for so many times that the latter now are considered as part of her iconic look.

Go for Keds

They’re comfy, they’re super cute and they appear to be the favorite shoe option of our beloved star! Why even give it a second thought?


They seem to be a main component of the look of our beloved, talented star. In fact Taylor Swift is among the few stars that stayed faithful to their haircut even when the pixie cut trend made its big fashion debut!

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