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Top 10 Shoe Styles Every Fashionista Should Have

Making a great collection of shoes doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to be a fashionista. While shopping, chose various types of shoes, which are essential for a trendy look. Opt for black high heels for a classy look and go for stylish sneakers for a sporty look. Here are top 10 shoe styles every fashionista should have.

1.  Black High Heels

Black high heels are among the top 10 shoe styles every fashionista should have. You may opt for shoes either with pointed or rounded toes. They may be worn both at work and at any party. Black shoes are versatile and may be paired with any outfit.

2.  High-Heeled Shoes in a Nude Tone

In case you want to elongate your legs, you had better go for nude shoes. The will perfectly go with a chic dress and stylish jeans. You may wear any type of nude shoes and get a gorgeous look. Consider that it’s essential to opt for the right tone. Buy nude shoes with a pink undertone instead of a yellow one.

3.  Choose Ankle Boots

Ankle boots will provide you with a stunning look, if you choose the suede type with a chic design. Wear ankle boots in a black tone or in a bold shade. Never throw them away from your wardrobe, as they are one of the top 10 shoe styles every fashionista should have. Choose thin heels rather than bold and thick ones. Petite women should choose the nude tone.

4.  Wear Platform Shoes made of Wood

To achieve a charming look both during the day and during night, you should go for the platform shoe style. Platform wedges will give you an attractive look. Choose shoes with high platforms or with thick heels. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with any shade.

5.  Wear Flats

Flats are one of the top 10 shoe styles every fashionista should have. Nude flats will look chic with a stylish skirt. You will feel comfortable in flats and besides, they will give you a feminine look. Choose flats in two shades for a trendy look.

6.  Choose Shoes with Kitten Heels

If you can’t imagine shoes without any heels, go for the kitten-heeled version, as you will look taller and feel comfortable. If you are fashionista, you should have this shoe style in your closet.

7.  Opt for Party Shoes

For a glowy look, you should purchase a pair of metallic shoes or go for bejeweled heels. The party shoes should have a special place in your wardrobe, as they are your key to a gorgeous look.

8.  High Boots in a Black Tone

To be versatile, you are recommended wearing knee-length high boots in a black shade. Choose boots with chunky heels and pair them with jeans or combine with a nice dress. Avoid wearing city boots.

9.  Flat Sandals Made of Leather

Each fashionista should have flat sandals made of leather in her closet. It is among the top 10 shoe styles, which provide you with an elegant look. Choose neutral shades and team them with a pretty dress or jeans reaching your ankles. To feel cozy, opt for the T-strap and with a simple design.

10.  Wear Sneakers

Having trendy sneakers is one of the top 10 shoe styles. Purchase a pair of canvas sneakers and complete the splendid collection. Create your casual look with sneakers.

Consider the top 10 shoe styles and pull them off for a great party or use them for everyday wearing, creating your fashionable look.

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