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How to Wear Hat Right

How to Wear Hat Right

With the great variety of hats, there are several rules you should opt for to look fashionable. It’s essential to find hats in right sizes in order to make them go ideally with your face form. Consider the best ways on how to wear hat right.

Choose Hats in the Right Size

Here is one of the essential tricks on how to wear hat right. The size of your hat should perfectly go not only with the form of your face but with your shoulder and the shape of your body, as well. The brim of your hat should be of the same width as your shoulders. If it differs in its size, you will fail achieving your gorgeous look. If you are petite, you should avoid pulling off hats, which have wide brims. In case you are tall, you may bravely wear floppy types of hats.

How to Wear Hat Right

Go for Hat Etiquette

If you want to look fashionable, hat etiquette rules shouldn’t be broken. You are advised to skip wearing baseball caps while going to the restaurant or at your friend’s place. It’s very essential to remove your hat, if it impedes someone to see her/his surrounding.

Match the Hat with Your Face Form

One of the important tips on wearing a hat right is matching it with your face form. Not all hats will look great with any face form. If you are an oval-faced woman, you have at your disposal various types of hats; you may go for beanies, hats with bands and many others. In case of a heart-shaped face, you had better avoid wearing hats, which have wide brims. If your face is round, don’t pull off tiny or round types of hats. Instead, opt for hats, the crowns of which are tall. Bowler or floppy hats are great for square-shaped faces. In case of long faces, you may choose hats, which have big brims.

Embellish Your Hats

If you are not satisfied with your hat, and want to make it more fashionable, you may embellish it with such nice accessories as feathers and nice flowers and replace them on the right part of your hat.

Don’t Opt for Overmatching

Don’t try to match your hat’s shade with your outfits. The exact color will shift the attention from your look and you will look boring. This rule of wearing hat right should be kept no matter whether you choose a hat for a great party or for an everyday wearing.

Choose the Proper Hairstyle

If you don’t aim to wear your hat for a long time, you had better stay away from straight fringes. Create a hairstyle with a side fringe, as your hairstyle will not be spoiled after taking off your hat.

Hats for Formal Occasions

Consider that your brim size should go with the daytime, if you seek for the best way of wearing a hat. If you are going out in the morning or at night, you had better pull off small hats. While in the afternoon, you should wear hats, which have wide brims.

Adjust hats to your personal style and pair them with your outfits. Learn the right ways of wearing hats and get a trendy look. 

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