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Category Archives: Accessories

15 Cute DIY Headband Tutorials

Accessories decorate your beautiful locks and make them even more astounding. Here are the following cute DIY headband tutorials. You should include these headbands among your accessories. These headband tutorials are effortless and it will take you several minutes to create them. Just go for these easy steps. In case you have too long hair, […]

DIY Polka-Dotted Umbrellas for Super-Cute Rainy Days

You remember Minnie Mouse’ s red polka-dotted dress, don’t you? Or Frank Sinatra’s song Polka Dots And Moonbeams? Marilyn Monroe herself was a big polka-dots fan! Lucy from “I Love Lucy” wore a blue polka-dotted dress! In 1960s Marvel Comics even created a Polka-Dot man next to Spider-Man and Batman. See how far back in […]

Cozy and Cool Ideas for Wearing Fur Hats

Fluffy, big and pretty fur hats always become a hot tendency once a year, as soon as winter arrives and they become the best and most comfortable accessories for protecting you against winter frosts. We have all tried to avoid wearing those hats, when our moms were obliging us to, however, only getting older you […]

You Can Leave Your Hat On! Fedora Hats as A Fashion Statement

Originally designed as a masculine piece of accessory, a headwear that most men used to wear in the 19th century, fedora hats have turned to versatile head accessories for modern cosmopolitan women too, who strive to make a strong fashion statement and update their style with a creative, retro-romantic vibe. If in the last centuries […]

Piercing Types and 80 Ideas On How to Wear Ear Piercings

Piercings have been very popular for many centuries the way that they have even turned into a real art branch. People have been piercing different parts of their bodies, yet ear piercing has always been the most popular one among them. In their turn, ear piercings can be classified into different categories and they all […]

Headband Inspiration: Styles of Headbands to Include in Your Closet

We used to wear headbands when attending school. Now the trend of headbands has come back. There are various styles of headbands. Take into account which of the headband styles are dearer to you and wear it. Here are styles of headbands to include in your closet. Kesha’s Headband in a Boho Style If you […]

New Crown Jewels Trend for Women

Crown jewels are now considered trendy for women. The designers bring them to life from the runway of November 2013. You may embellish your hair with crown jewels and look super-gorgeous. You may get inspired by such headbands, which resemble a wire with barbs. They are not only eye-catching but also trendy for this season. […]

Spring/ Summer 2014 Belt Trends

The world-famous designers suggested a great variety of trendy belts for spring/summer 2014. Belts are versatile, as they may be worn in any season. The disputable question is whether belts make our look chicer or not. It’s true that your belt will not be noticed if you hide them under your coat. That is why, […]

Stylish Women Hats for Show-Stopping Looks

You may get a show-stopping look just wearing stylish hats for women. You just need to create a corresponding hairstyle and match it with your hat. Make it go with your face color and your screaming look will be ready. Stylish Hairstyles with Fedoras Fedoras give a sophisticated touch to your womanish look. Choosing a […]

Guess Accessories Fall 2013 Campaign

We are excited to present the Guess accessories fall 2013 campaign! Having stunning models like Sandrah Hellberg and Dioni Tabbers starring and collaborating with photographers such as Claudia and Ralf Pulmanns, the success of the new Guess campaign is guaranteed! Creating attractive looks styled by Marina Nelson Guess seems putting the main focus on the modern […]