How to Wear Orange Lipstick

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If you are tired of pulling off a red lipstick, and want to try something new and trendy, you had better go for a citrus shade. It will soften your complexion and make you look outstanding. Find out how to wear orange lipstick for your alluring look.

1.  The Most Essential Tips

While applying the orange lipstick, don’t go for a liner in the same shade. Instead, opt for a lip pencil in a nude tone, as you will be able to skip creating a rude contrast.

Keep your eye makeup on the minimal level, shape your brows perfectly, apply eyeliner and finish with a mascara. The orange lipstick will make your look unmemorable.

How to Wear Orange Lipstick

2.  Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

To wear orange lipstick right, you should consider your face color, as well. In case your complexion is fair, you should go for the light tone. The peach shade is the best option. If your skin is in an olive tone, you may opt for the intense shade. Dark-skinned women had better wear a dark orange lipstick. It will perfectly go with your complexion.

3.  Hide the Redness of Your Skin

While wearing orange lipstick, you should know that it will make the redness of your skin noticeable. To hide it, you had better apply foundation with a sponge. It will help the product sit on your skin evenly. You may also use a powder in a yellow shade to conceal the redness.

How to Wear Orange Lipstick

4.  Orange Lipstick Makes the Flaws Visible

In case of dry lips, the orange lipstick will make the flaws of your lips visible. In this case, you are recommended preparing a natural lip scrub. You will need to blend sugar (1/4 teaspoon) with a balm and apply it on your lips. To make your lips softer, you may also try a cleansing brush. Before going for the orange lipstick, you should use a balm with a hydrating feature. It is another way of wearing orange lipstick right.

5.  The Orange Shade is Intense

After using your orange lipstick, you are advised to apply light powder blush on it. The bold tone will become less saturated. You will get a matte finish and a long lasting lip color.

These recommendations will help you wear orange lipstick right. Your subtle and shocking look will be achieved.

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