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Bronzer Tips for Dark Skin

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Many dark-skinned women avoid applying bronzer. Many of them are embarrassed to use bronzer, considering their skin color. However, they should know what a vigorous and effulgent look they will have applying bronzer. Consider that bronzers will just highlight your brown skin and make it look attractive and a little wild. Get your beachy brightness with the help of these chic bronzer tips for dark skin.

The shade of the bronzer should differ from your skin color just in a tone. Skip using matte bronzers. Instead, you are advised to go for sheer ones. It will perfectly sit on your face, providing you with a glowing look.

Bronzer Tips for Dark Skin

Dark-skinned women may choose various bronzers for different parts of body. Here are the best ways of applying bronze on your face, legs and body.

How to apply face bronzer?

Use a brush, covered with fluff, to spread bronzer on your face. To create a natural look, you should apply a bronzer in a peach and rose tone on your cheekbones. You should spread bronzer on your forehead and over your nose, as well.

How to apply body bronzer?

Apply a glow bronzer on your entire body and look chic and eye-catching. Pick a golden shade instead of red and rosy. Thus, you should go for cooler shades to make your skin look pallid. Apply this bronzer on your neck and shoulders. Don’t forget about your breasts and arms.

How to apply bronzer on your legs?

How splendid your legs will look if you apply bronzer on them. Wear short skirts and amaze everyone with your shimmering and nice legs. The right way of applying bronzer on your legs is after taking a shower. Your legs are wet and the bronzer will sit on them ideally. Your legs will be provided with glimmer.

Dark-skinned women shouldn’t be afraid of applying bronzer, as it will provide them with extra glamour and charm.

Bronzer Tips for Dark Skin

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