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4 Organic Makeup Lines

We wear makeup every day for work, and we simply love playing with different makeup looks. However, as we get older and a little bit wiser, we realize that we simply cannot continue to use a lot of the makeup we find in the stores. We need to be pickier about what we put on our faces and this was what led to us to look into different makeup brands and what they used in their products. If you are conscious of what you put on your face, check out 4 of the best organic makeup lines below!

Physicians Formula –This is the first on our list of top organic makeup brands in our opinion and for one very good reason. It is not because their products are better than other makeup brands out in the market, but it is because they have so many products to offer and their prices are easy on the pocket. If you want to give this a try, you can look for the Physicians Formula line in drugstores.

Ecco Bella –We think that this should make the list of the best eco-friendly and organic brands you will find in the market, and the reason for this is that they have pulled out all the stops when coming up with their products. If you read the labels, you will quickly see that all cosmetics they made are free from water, dye, preservatives, and even gluten! Aside from makeup, they also carry a line of body care products.

Vapour Organic Beauty – This is another one of the very best organic makeup products in the market, and their products are luxurious and of high-quality as well. Their makeup items have a light-as-air texture that leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer after each use.

Bareminerals –This is perhaps the very first organic mineral makeup lines to hit the market and it is still going strong. Their products are a bit pricey but they have amazing finishes and pigmentation, plus, they will not clog your pores as compared to other brands.

There you have it! Our list of the top organic makeup brands you can invest your money on. Not only are you treating yourself, but helping the environment as well!

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