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Tips to Styling Natural, Textured Hair

At Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2014, the natural and textured hair came to change the uninteresting looks into something simple and trendy. The hairstylist Guido Palau created fresh and edgy looks with natural and textured hair.

If you want to style effortless tresses with a simple look, or you desire to create a contrast with your outfit, here are the tips to styling natural, textured hair.

Easy Tips to Styling Natural and Textured Tresses

1.  Guido Palau recommends washing your tresses with a shampoo, which also has a conditioner in it. It will provide your hair texture with smoothness.

2.  Leave-in treatment is also advised to use for your wet tresses, as it has a protective feature and will make your hair softer. Then dry your hair with a hair dryer.

3.  Next, Guido advised to go for an oil treatment and uses it on the tresses, skipping the roots. This treatment will make your hair smooth and supple. Besides, it lets your moisturized hair air dry. To get rid of the frizz, you may use the oil treatment once more.

4.  To give your hair the desired texture, opt for a dry shampoo or take a special powder for hair. Use these products on your tresses, again avoiding the roots.

5.  Then, middle section your hair and make it a little messy. Provide your hair ends with extra movement by curling several hair strands with a curling tool.

6.  To complete the natural and textured hair look, again use the dry shampoo or go for the hair powder. Apply them on your hair ends and forget about using them on your hair roots. In this way, your amazing look is ready.

If you want your hair to be natural and amazing at the same time, get inspired by Bottega Veneta’s hair with volume, and create it with the easiest tips.

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