How to Quickly Get Rid of a Big Pimple

By on February 6, 2014
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A big pimple is a great disaster for women. As soon as you notice it on your face, you should quickly get rid of it. The following recommendations will help you clear your face from pimples quickly.

Get Rid of a Big Pimple with Benzoyl Peroxide

If you are interested to discover how to quickly get rid of a big pimple, you are recommended opting for a benzoyl peroxide. It fights against bacteria, because of which pimples appear on your skin. Benzoyl peroxide is also great for dead cells. In this way, you will get clear and young skin.

How to Quickly Get Rid of a Big Pimple

Visit a Dermatologist to Get Rid of a Big Pimple

Here is another solution to your problem. Visit a dermatologist will help you get rid of a big pimple quickly. The dermatologist will treat your skin with the best products. They may also solve your problem with injection (cortisone) and prevent the formation of new pimples.

Get Rid of a Big Pimple with Salicylic Acid

Specialists recommend using products, high in salicylic acid. They will treat your skin and get rid of extra oil. Salicylic acid struggles against bacteria, as well. Go for lotions or soaps with a cleansing feature. They will make your skin healthier and free of acne.

Get Rid of a Big Pimple with Aspirin Mask

It is proved that aspirin mask will remove the big pimple quickly. This mask is especially great for inflammation. To get this mask, just mix aspirin tablet in a grinded form (1) and a little water. After getting a paste, put it on the pimple. After 30 minutes, you may wash your face.

Get Rid of a Big Pimple with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an efficient treatment to get rid of a big pimple. It is high in anti-bacterial features. You just need to soak the cotton ball in a squeezed lemon and put it on your pimple. Wait until the juice dries completely on your pimple and go for this method three times daily. For better results, you had better use fresh juice of lemon.

Get Rid of a Big Pimple with Tea Tree Oil

Due to the soothing features of tea tree oil, you will be able to get rid of your big pimple quickly. It is also rich in anti-bacterial features. Purchase tea tree oil and soak your cotton ball in it. After applying this product on your big pimple and waiting for several minutes, you may wash it, using lukewarm water.

Get Rid of a Big Pimple with Baking Soda

Consider also the beneficial qualities of baking soda. It is able to remove the big pimple quickly. Blend baking soda and water to get a paste. Spread it on your pimple and after 20 minutes, you may wash your face.

Take into account these best ways of getting rid of a big pimple quickly and be proud of your healthy and clean face.

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