DIY Natural Skin Scar Healers

By on December 8, 2013
DIY Natural Skin Scar Healers
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Noticing scars on your skin is a real disaster, as you will have to carry out several methods to heal them. You had better avoid using chemical products on your skin and opt for the following DIY natural skin scar healers. They will provide you with a clear face.

Bentonite Clay as One of DIY Natural Skin Scar Healers

Bentonite clay is considered one of the effective ways of healing skin scars. Due to its substance, bentonite clay will get rid of the scars and purify your entire body. You get it from crystal flakes, containing a charge, which is negative. This type of charge will raise the level of PH in your skin and will replace the dead cells with the new ones.

DIY Natural Skin Scar Healers

Coconut Oil for Healing Skin Scars

Coconut oil is another skin scar healer. It has a protective and curing feature. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, which fight against external damages. Thus, for a soft and clean skin, you had better go for this natural skin scar healer.

Carrot Juice for Healing Skin Scars

Here is another fantastic scar healer. The juice of carrot is high in potassium, which is great for skin scars and it softens your dry skin, as well. Due to its anti-inflammatory feature, the lemon juice will refresh your skin.

To get soft and flexible skin, you should use carrot juice as much as possible during the day. Besides, this natural scar healer is rich in antioxidants, which is great for such skin problems, as dermatitis.

Sea Salt for Healing Skin Scars

Sea salt is one of the best ways of healing skin scars. You should pour sea salt in water and have a bath. Due to its antiseptic feature, sea salt will relax your body and help you to remove the toxins from your body. You had better use this magical scar healer at least once a week.

Hazelnut Oil for Healing Skin Scars

Hazelnut oil occupies its special place in our list of skin scar healers. Its hydrating feature is great if your skin is damaged. It makes the capillaries stronger and diminishes your skin blemishes. You should just use the hazelnut oil on the scar and after several minutes wash it, using lukewarm water.

Vitamin E for Healing Skin Scars

Vitamin E is an essential natural skin scar healer. It boosts up the production of collagen and makes the natural texture of your skin better. You may opt for Vitamin E in the form of capsules. You should use its oil on the scar and your skin will be cured.

Aloe Vera for Healing Skin Scars

Aloe Vera is also fantastic for skin scars. This skin scare healer is ideal for blemishes and it will provide your skin with hydration, as well. Just cut the leaf of Aloe Vera and use its juice on your skin scar. After 5 minutes, wash it from your skin.

Tea Tree Oil for Healing Skin Scars

Tea tree oil fights against viruses and bacteria. You should go for this natural healer for several weeks, and the result will be magical. The scars will gradually disappear.

Make your skin scars invisible with these DIY natural healers.

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