How To Survive The Party Season With Just One Dress

By on December 15, 2015
How To Survive The Party Season With Just One Dress
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Panicking about party season? Or just simply haven’t had time to shop for your party dress?  Well fear not as today we take a look at how you can successfully navigate your way through the party season with just one dress.  With some clever use of your accessories and one simple little black dress you can change up your look from party to party without the fear and dread of having to take a shopping trip for each occasion.

The key to hassle-free style this season is to begin with a simple yet stylish basic dress.  You can choose any color you wish, but for this example we have chosen a black dress as honestly there is nothing more versatile than a black dress.  The possibilities are endless and it is most likely that you already have enough accessories in your closet to create some wonderful looks.

Neutrals are such an easy way to style a dress.  Regardless of the color of the dress, neutral shade accessories can bring an outfit together.  Add a bit of bling with some jewelry to be party ready.


Party Dress


Channel your inner Mrs. Clause with shades and flashes of red.  The shrug cardigan will be your best friend this season providing both style and warmth without concession.


Party Dress


Keeping it simple and chic with black accessories doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.  Embellishments on your bag or shoes can help to bring a bit of night-time sparkle to your outfit.


Party Dress


Not exactly suitable for the office party but great for a night out with the girls.  Adding a leather jacket and bag can take your black dress to whole new level.  Break out those statement shoes you have been dying to wear and pair with a classic red lip for party perfection.

Party Dress


So, there you have it, no more fretting and fearing.  You can now go forth and enjoy the party season safe in the knowledge that you will do it style.

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